Recover from breach or failure in a controlled, measurable way

Disruptions are inevitable in a complex, hybrid multicloud environment. How do you recover quickly?

In a world that expects businesses to be continuously operational, every second of downtime counts. A resiliency strategy that seamlessly responds to IT complexities and interdependencies across all cloud and on-premises resources can mean the difference between quickly resuming normal operations and huge adverse impact of prolonged disruption. IBM experts will work with you to overcome challenges related to creating a business continuity plan, work area recovery, detecting and responding to disruption and cyber attacks, GDPS, disaster recovery orchestration and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Whether you’re looking for a new disaster recovery plan or fortifying the one you already have, IBM can help you improve your ability to respond and recover from disruptive events and refine your strategy for IT recovery.

Five key technologies for enabling a cyber resilience framework

Every second of downtime counts. Digital transformation and cloud adoption is breaking down the traditional safeguards between enterprises and participants in the global economy as business- enabling technologies may become gateways to risk, attack, and failure. Cyber-resilience practices can help enterprises defend against those risks and recover from breach or failure in a controlled, measurable way. IBM cyber resilience framework enables organisations to reduce risk of their cyber-resilience journey and provides strategies to modify data protection and recovery practices to better align with today's more targeted and malicious attacks.

Why choose IBM Resiliency Disaster Recovery as a Service

IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides fully managed services for recovery of business-critical systems, applications, data and business processes across on-premises, public cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud environments. Powered by enterprise-class orchestration, replication and storage technologies as well as IBM’s cross-industry expertise, the service is designed to quickly and reliably recover IT infrastructure and business processes as per the RTO/RPO requirements of your business and mitigate the risks and impact of outage.

Reduce DR exercise times and failover by up to 80 percent

Achieve predictable and faster recovery

Offers a reliable disaster recovery orchestration with automation and quick provisioning in a software-defined recovery environment that helps reduce errors, risks, and resources for testing and documentation.

Optimized resiliency

Provides optimized resiliency and a risk-based approach to protecting critical IT services. Cloud testing and DR process validation offers insight and scenarios to help your organization bolster resiliency and recovery time.

Mitigate the impact of cyber attacks

Scale across hybrid clouds and traditional data centers, and support complex, hybrid multicloud, multi-vendor, physical and virtual environments. Quickly restore business operations in the event of a malicious attack to mitigate the impact of disruption.

What was the primary cause(s) of your organization’s largest or most recent outage?

IBM DR solutions help minimize unplanned downtime that impacts productivity, reputation and revenue

IBM Resiliency Orchestration (RO)

IBM Resiliency Orchestration (RO) provides intelligent automation of data protection and disaster recovery workflows — enabling recovery testing, monitoring, management and reporting across hybrid multicloud environments.

  • Simplify disaster recovery operations
  • Maintain DR readiness in the cloud
  • Save time with smarter automation
  • Enable a lifecycle approach to recovery

IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides continuous replication of critical applications, infrastructure, data and systems for rapid recovery after an IT outage.

  • Reliable, verifiable, consistent RTO in minutes, and RPO in seconds
  • Custom solution architectures for every need: private, public, and hybrid cloud, disk and tape combinations, etc.
  • Gain efficiencies with greater automation

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services provides a complete portfolio of advisory services to progressively help assess requirements, capabilities and risks, determine the right resilience strategy with corresponding architecture, implement plans and recovery/restart procedures, test and sustain a complete resilience program.

Client case study

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) was faced with that harsh reality when a 5.8- magnitude earthquake struck in 2016. Since the company’s backup center was located near headquarters in Ulsan City, Korea, the earthquake served as a wake-up call for HHI to examine its disaster recovery systems and determine preparedness for a full range of potential disruption.

HHI chose to partner with IBM Business Resiliency Services for strategic disaster recovery operations based on the extensive experience that IBM has in regional and global disaster recovery.

Jung Hun Seo, CIO, ICT Innovation Center, Hyundai Heavy Industries


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