Improve reliability and efficiency of the data center with AI enabled insights

IBM Services Data Center Advisor with Watson uses artificial intelligence and machine learning-based advanced analytics to optimize data center operations. It calculates data center health scores and predicts potential issues or failures to avoid blackout or brownout conditions.

How it works

Operational insights with descriptive analytics

Leverage descriptive analytics on operational data to provide actionable insights for improved performance and efficiency.

Predict infrastructure outage and performance degradation

Predictive analytics on equipment failure and degraded performance provide confidence for you to move at the speed of business.

Detect anomalous behaviour

Better understanding of issues in equipment performance and infrastructure operations to proactively take measures.

Cognitive assistance for data center operations and management

Machine learning models built on IBM Watson provides detection on components like server, generator, chiller, battery and UPS while also using real time weather data.

Benefits of IBM Data Center Advisor with Watson

Improve reliability

  • Predict failure and performance degradation of facilities and IT hardware through AI models
  • Improve data center reliability
  • Root Cause Analysis through anomaly detection improves turn-around-time from outages

Enhance efficiency

  • Cognitive assistance for data center operations to take smarter decisions
  • AI models on energy optimization improves energy efficiency of the data center


Optimize cost

  • Predictive maintenance models optimizes equipment maintenance cost – IT and facilities
  • Outage avoidance through predictive analytics minimizing cost of downtime

Leverage advanced analytics to optimize data center operations

IBM Services Data Center Advisor with Watson is a data center management solution from IBM with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capability to help solve complex operational problems of today's data centers. It can not only predict system outages but also identify root cause of potential problems.

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