Adapt and quickly respond to risks with business continuity services

Are your alternate work plans and processes working the way you expected? 

  • Get an independent review of your current preparedness, response and recovery processes as well as execution of  your strategies and plans for a widespread workforce disruption relative to industry best practices
  • Objectively rate your current capabilities
  • Help identify gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Identify tactical technical solutions and advisory services to quickly close gaps, reduce risks, outage costs and negative impacts to your business

Can your backup strategy accommodate exponential data growth and help restore your information?

  • Remotely managed service with software-defined cloud storage capabilities
  • Clients can assess their solution based on priorities for backup, retention and retrieval
  • Service provides business outcome-based SLAs and thereby reduces operating risks 
  • Service assesses infrastructure, software and labor; assessing an enterprise grade fully managed data protection solution

Do you need help to meet security, business continuity and compliance standards?

  • Protect enterprise and customer data against attacks and minimize business disruptions
  • Mitigate financial, operational and reputational impacts of cyber incidents
  • Assess immutable storage option for Cloud Resiliency Orchestration with data verification
  • Assess encryption and policy enabled lockable WORM storage
  • Prove Compliance: Get ahead of regulatory requirements 

Prepare and identify potential solutions to respond more quickly and effectively to workforce disruptions

Strengthen planning for reliability

Strengthen your business continuity with the right tools, technology and skills to deal with crises.

Protection from cyber attacks

68% of businesses lack resiliency after cyber attacks. Having a robust cyber recovery plan is essential.

Secure data storage

Smooth operations of your environment if a crisis has impacted physical access to your data center

Cloud Resiliency Consulting

IBM® Cloud Resiliency Consulting Services offers a holistic approach to evaluate your cloud risk awareness and determine your organization’s resilience level. IBM uses an object-oriented framework combined with a robust enterprise-wide approach to determine resiliency readiness and define measures to mitigate identified risks.

Cloud Security and Resiliency 

In a hybrid multicloud environment, protecting critical data and assets and ensuring compliance is a challenge. IBM offers a comprehensive solution encompassing Threat Management and Cyber Incident Recovery that protects you from threats and allows for swift recovery when cyber incidents happen.

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Hyundai Heavy Industries

HHI was faced with that harsh reality when a 5.8- magnitude earthquake struck in 2016. Since the company’s backup center was located near headquarters in Ulsan City, Korea, the earthquake served as a wake-up call for HHI to examine its disaster recovery systems and determine preparedness for a full range of potential disruption.

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Related offerings for business continuity

COVID-19: Business Continuity Best Practices for CIOs 

Continuing the operation of critical business services in a crisis situation involves more than simply telling employees to self-isolate and work from home.

Security Incident Response and Intelligence Services

Executive training, threat intelligence, high touch incident response, and remediation to minimize the impact of cyber attacks.

Cyber Recovery as a Service

Simplify rapid recovery from cyber attacks by using IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Resiliency Orchestration.

Archiving on IBM Cloud

Anytime and continuous access to backup data even if physical access to data center has been impacted. Quickly set up a secure, long-term cost-effective archival in IBM Cloud.

Connect with Business Resiliency Services experts

Patrick Corcoran

Global Strategy Executive, Business Resiliency Services

  • Critical service disruption
  • Mitigating cyber disruption impact
  • DR in hybrid environments

Allen Downs

Vice President, Business Resiliency Services

  • Business resiliency consulting
  • Industry resiliency solutions
  • Managed service solutions

Michael Puldy

Director, Business Continuity Management

  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Managed service solutions
  • Resource optimization

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