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Getting value out of your data is more important now than ever before. As needs for data insights increase, many organizations are facing fragmented data environments and warehouses with multiple technologies—often on multiple cloud vendors.

IBM Big Data and Data Platform Services provide both custom data and analytics-as-a-service offerings to help you gain control of your data environment and start driving actionable solutions. This includes the development of a strategy, blueprints and roadmaps, along with the engineering and operational requirements to help you maximize your data investment. Our end-to-end services, delivered with industry-specific expertise and processes, help make your data simpler to understand and empower data-driven intelligent workflows.

IBM Digital Insights

What is Digital Insights?

IBM Digital Insights is our data and analytics solution-as-a-service for data strategy and governance in a hybrid multicloud environment. A multi-tiered framework of capabilities focused on flexibility and portability, IBM Digital Insights helps you accelerate your business insights and customer knowledge, using data across any cloud. Explore these tabs to learn more about each layer in the framework.

Data Hub Layer

The data hub layer helps manage internal and external sources of data with data lake structures specified by industry and domain. Data engineers can easily and intuitively interact with the data to enable data discovery and data preparation.

Raw Layer: Store and manage raw data in multiple formats, such as HDFS, Parquet, Hive, Columnar or another type of object storage.
Data Ingestion: Manage multiple real-time and batch workloads as well as data acquisition between your internal and external data providers.
Data Curation: Utilize microservices to curate data from multiple formats into one and transform data for specific use cases.
Data Conform: Conform and structure your data using IBM industry-based data models into useable formats needed for digital, operational and analytical processing.
Data Consumption: Create capabilities to acquire, transport and validate data between the data hub and any layer of Digital Insights to use for analytic, cognitive or digital processes.

Insights Layer

Leveraging prebuilt data science models, APIs and sandbox environments, IBM can build, test and explore your data. IBM data scientists and engineers use analytics and AI to uncover business intelligence from data. There are also performance management dashboards and reporting and analytics in this layer.

Orchestration Layer

Interact with your customers via in-bound and out-bound channels. This layer includes digital marketing services, such as traditional campaign and digital audience management and event-based interactions. Using custom interfaces in this layer, IBM experts are able to provide you with real-time data intelligence to help in decision making.

User Experience Layer

IBM builds customer experience platforms in the user experience layer, utilizing a 360° view of your customers and prospects. This layer is pre-integrated with APIs and accelerators that drive customer engagement and personalization.

Management and Security Layers

IBM experts manage all administrative processes for acquiring, validating, storing, protecting and processing your data. This big data management capability helps ensure data quality, security and accessibility throughout your enterprise, while enabling integrated sets of security capabilities across a variety of multicloud environments.

Custom Data and Analytics Services

Have customized data needs? Our team of data experts provide custom data and analytics services, helping you distill complexity into simplicity.

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