Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing business. By tapping into vast stores of previously siloed data, you can fundamentally transform the way you do business. You can use AI  to improve customer care, talent retention and selection, risk and compliance, and digital automation.

IBM AI and advanced analytics services help you prepare your data to maximize the benefits of AI. IBM experts show you how to create and implement the right strategy for AI in your enterprise and help your organization embrace a data-driven culture. We can help you harness the power of AI and deliver tangible business insights faster.

The benefits

Use AI to extract business insights from structured and unstructured data.

Drive new business models and revenue using smart strategies and new tech.

Get personalized insights from your consumers to create better experiences.

AI services

Cognitive Customer Care

Improve customers' experiences while lowering operating costs. IBM combines Watson™ AI technologies, virtual agent and omnichannel self-service capabilities to help you migrate from interactive voice response (IVR) to an omnichannel, customer-first digital relationship.

IBM Garage

Rapidly ideate, create, test and deploy innovative concepts using advanced technologies and analytics. Enter the IBM Garage, an innovation hub that introduces a new way of thinking, collaboration and co-working. Use it to access deep industry expertise and integrate the latest technology to reach new business value.


Outside Counsel Insights

Use AI to read massive amounts of unstructured text in financial and legal documents. Detect billing anomalies and legal policy, then act on these insights with greater speed and accuracy.





Risk and Compliance Services with AI

Harness the power of AI  to stay current on  constantly changing regulations. Watson and Promontory Advisory Services provide end-to-end risk and compliance management to help you make better decisions.


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Case studies

McLane, CMHC and KONE reinvent business operations with AI, IoT and more

Three business leaders discuss how they transformed their whole enterprises from marketing to sales through new, dynamic business operations processes.

IBM helps organize and consolidate data while reducing warehousing costs

Learn how IBM helped one telecommunications company store all its data in a single, easily accessible location with a comprehensive, holistic solution.

Goldcorp is training Watson to help geologists find new ore reserves faster

IBM Watson® is empowering Goldcorp’s geologists to accelerate geological insights and reach new levels of certainty.

Bradesco uses AI to solve customer queries in seconds

IBM is helping Bradesco become the first Brazilian bank to adopt AI to answer customer queries efficiently and accurately.

Goldcorp and Golden State Foods share the challenges of integrating AI

Learn how business leaders are exploring and quickly deploying new business models to become cognitive enterprises to gain a competitive advantage.

Crédit Mutuel powers digital reinvention with AI for banking

Crédit Mutuel is training Watson to help its client advisors provide customers with quick, comprehensive information on a range of offerings.

Educational resources


Discover what “cognitive innovators” are doing differently


How early adopters have raised the bar for data-driven insights


The next big shift in business architectures is driven by AI technologies


Learn about the journey AI, from science to business


See how incumbents are striking back in the face of digital disruption


Hear how Coca-Cola, Thomson Reuters and Honda are using AI to solve their toughest problems


Add  value by implementing hyper-personalization for consumers, suppliers and employees

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AI Assistant in Customer Care

Improve customer services, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce churn across multiple channels.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Consulting

Use advanced analytics to unlock data-driven insights for better business decisions.

Hyperlocal Big Data Services

Transform time-sensitive hyperlocal data into actionable insight to unlock new opportunities.

Watson Solutions

Use AI to turn data into new ways of doing business.

Big Data Consulting Services

Choose data and analytics-as-a-service to speed time to capabilities and value.

Quantum Computing Consulting

IBM Q Consulting brings together, consultants, scientists, and industry experts to help clients get quantum ready.

Meet our experts

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Partner, Cognitive Innovation & IBM Q Consulting Global Leader

Atul Gupta

Senior Partner, Global Cognitive Customer Care Leader

Chip Schneider

Partner, Global AI Strategy Leader

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