The data and analytics market is shifting from discrete products to unified, cloud-based services that support cognitive businesses. The IBM Watson® artificial intelligence (AI) and data platform is the integration of these services and technologies. Our mission is to help organizations augment and accelerate their data-driven problem-solving capabilities. IBM delivers tangible insights in the functional domains of sales and marketing, finance and operations, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Watson Artificial Intelligence and Data Platform Services helps you integrate your structured and unstructured data into a unified platform that gives you access to actionable insights.

The benefits

Use the cognitive power of Watson to extract more business value from data.

Combine structured and unstructured data to take advantage of new insights.

Accelerate data analysts' work by better managing data across workloads.

AI services

Virtual Advisor for Telco

Deploy conversational interfaces across multiple channels to better communicate and engage with users.

Cognitive Customer Care

Move from interactive voice response (IVR) to an omnichannel, customer-first digital relationship.

Cognitive Garage

Generate rapid ideas, proofs of concept (POCs) and pilots using the Cognitive Garage.

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Case studies

IBM and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment pair for a cognitive slam dunk

IBM Sports Insights Central transforms the Toronto Raptors' talent evaluation processes by reimagining data through cognitive and analytics technology.

IBM helps organize and consolidate data while reducing warehousing costs

Learn how IBM helped one telecommunications company store all its data in a single, easily accessible location with a comprehensive, holistic solution.

Building a subscription-based healthcare analytics solution

Find out how a health insurance company redefined its data architecture with the IBM Digital Insights Platform.

Educational resources


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Discover what “cognitive innovators” are doing differently


How early adopters have raised the bar for data-driven insights

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Watson Virtual Agent

Improve customer services, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce churn across multiple channels.

Hyperlocal Big Data Services

Transform time-sensitive hyperlocal data into actionable insight to unlock new opportunities.

Meet our experts

Terrence Hickey

VP & Global Lead, Cognitive & Analytics

Bruce Tyler

Partner, Global Big Data Analytics Leader

Lori Feller

Partner, Cognitive Innovation & IBM Q Consulting Global Leader

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