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What is IBM IGNITE Quality and Test?

IBM IGNITE helps you move from defect detection to prevention. This offering optimizes the number of tests required, translates and compares scripts to similar tests, then applies AI to test  faster and more efficiently. You can improve app quality, get to market faster and save money.

Why testing is not enough

Testing only finds what’s wrong. And more staff performing more tests doesn't always improve speed or quality. Adding insights from strategy, development and quality engineering — along with AI — can help you produce better apps.

  • Adopt a relentless enterprise-wide focus on quality applications
  • Maximize and refine agile methodologies and DevOps activities
  • Amplify error prevention efforts using artificial intelligence 

How we ensure quality

You need to get increasingly complicated applications to market faster, with fewer defects and at lower cost. IBM IGNITE Quality and Test delivers — at up to 40% lower cost* — with a simple framework, delivered directly to you through an intuitive interface.


Optimized test design helps identify the exact right number and type of tests, reducing the number of tests by up to 88% while still maintaining 100% coverage*.


Automating your testing process can reduce up to 99% of defects, and help reduce time-to-market by up to 30%*.


Using AI to analyze your apps can identify patterns of defects and prevent them in the future.

Client success stories

Last year, 3.7 billion people were affected by software bugs.  IBM experts in testing across the industry spectrum have helped companies build better software and keep customers happy.

USD 1 million in savings over three years for a global food retailer

USD 1 million in savings over three years for a global food retailer

22% increase in customer satisfaction over five years for a national telecommunications provider

22% increase in customer satisfaction over five years for a national telecommunications provider


CAD 1.5 million savings target achieved for top North American bank

Most important is the culture that we have implemented. The new mindset that we have in our organization involves the entire ecosystem — the IT division of Trenitalia, the business division, and IBM — being able to identify what is most crucial for a new project, which is time to market.

—Danilo Gismondi, CIO, Trenitalia

Educational resources

Why model-based testing works

Organizations that implement model-based testing often see a substantial improvement in functional coverage and improved levels of quality in agile-developed apps

Test Less, Test Right

The IBM “Test Less, Test Right” mantra helps clients get more for less by placing combinatorial test design at the heart of the solution

How AI Improves Root Cause Identification

Find out how IGNITE Defect Classify can accelerate testing using AI to improve root cause identification and achieve faster resolutions

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* Based on IBM-internal analysis of client data. Individual client results will vary