Discover the next generation of the mobile enterprise

When your people and your data work together, wherever they are, you can reinvent your business. Over five years ago, Apple and IBM joined forces to redefine how work gets done at enterprises across the world. Power met simplicity. Security met flexibility. The workforce became a force to be reckoned with.

Every innovation revealed greater opportunities for Apple and IBM to help your workforce think together, and continuously learn. Every achievement showed us that our shared goal of making mobile simple for work isn’t done. So now, we are driving the next big shift in enterprise mobility. Combining the latest in enterprise AI and cloud technologies with the most powerful purpose-built mobile devices helps Apple and IBM deliver the transformative mobile experience your enterprise needs.

Want to understand what this could mean for your business?

Bring enterprise AI to mobile with Watson Services for Core ML

Integrating Core ML, Apple’s machine learning framework, with IBM Watson® gives you powerful insights that get richer with time and use. The more you work with your apps, the smarter they get. Combining these capabilities helps you deliver next level AI to your mobile enterprise, including benefits like:

  • Apps that learn from user activity, getting smarter over time
  • Access to real-time insights, online or offline
  • Apps that quickly analyze images, accurately classify visual content and train models using Watson

Easily build apps that leverage IBM Cloud

App development is easier than ever when you build on the newly designed IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple. Enjoy features like:

  • Starter kits tailor-made for Apple developers that let you build and deploy an app in minutes
  • Comprehensive step-by-step guidance for developers with all levels of experience
  • Seamless integration with AI, data and mobile services — all optimized for Swift