Analytics consulting from IBM helps you with the integration and scale of your business intelligence and automation efforts. Push your AI models past proof of concept into production. Build confidence in your analytics tools with ethical, trustworthy AI. Design business processes that infuse easy-to-consume analytics and data visualization into the experience.


AI engineering and operations approach

Cultivate an environment that ushers projects through development into production and, ultimately, delivers transformational results.

Risk mitigation

Create the culture to scale AI safely, the AI engineering with forensic tools to see inside black box algorithms, and the governance to ensure the engineering "sticks" to the culture.

Data visualization and design

Analytics consulting helps transform critical data into valuable insights with analytical and visualization capabilities that impact business strategy and planning.


Data analytics consulting

Use data science and predictive analytics to gain meaningful insights that help you achieve business transformation.

Customer analytics for digital engagement

IBM experts show you how customer analytics can give you valuable insights into data to increase digital customer engagement.

Weather targeting

Combine weather data with business and customer analytics to better understand consumers’ daily actions and support smarter decision making for businesses.

Risk analytics and compliance

AI and automation help financial institutions improve regulatory governance, reporting, compliance and risk management.

Predictive analytics for asset management

Predictive analytics for asset management help maintain, control and optimize the quality of assets throughout their lifecycles.

Analytics as a service

Use our industry-specific accelerators and cognitive analytics to gain actionable insights from data.

Analytics case studies


Partnering with the IBM Garage™ to leverage data science, VW provided in-vehicle services that enhance a customer’s ride.

Region Skåne

See how Region Skåne created smarter healthcare by drawing upon business analytics consulting from IBM.

Kraft Heinz Company

Kraft Heinz and the IBM Garage partnered to leverage cognitive analytics, resulting in business innovation.

Analytics for industries

Analytics for retail

AI-powered solutions provide real-time insights to deliver personalized retail customer experiences.

Law enforcement analytics

Build safer and more viable communities by reducing crime, predicting threats and improving responses.

Crime prediction and prevention

Powerful and cognitive analytics with a rich set of integrated data sourced from your established applications can help reduce crime.

Analytics for government

Learn about this IBM event that can help you meet your agency's goals with risk analytics, automation and AI solutions.

Data analytics for healthcare

AI is transforming healthcare by using advanced analytics and insights that can help inform clinical, operational and business decisions.


Raise the bar for data-driven insights

Data, coupled with cognitive analytics and AI, including machine learning, can inform enterprise decisions as well as optimize and automate processes.

AI in data analytics

Explore blogs discussing risk analytics, digital engagement, advanced analytics, automation and how IBM helps clients with their digital transformation. 

The power of predictive analytics

Read how data analytics and predictive analytics have the potential to improve financial and customer satisfaction KPIs.

The new hero of big data and analytics

Chief data officers execute data analytics strategies that acquire and govern data, leading to creative business innovation.

Business analytics community

Connect, learn and share with over 100,000 users across the IBM business analytics community.

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Big data services

Get both custom data and analytics-as-a-service offerings to gain control of your data analytics and start driving actionable solutions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) services

Create intelligent workflows that use AI, data and risk analytics to turn AI aspirations into tangible business outcomes.

Data and AI solutions

Discover the power of AI and data analytics consulting from top industry thought leaders.

IoT services

AI analytics convert real-time data to enable workflows, driving new levels of operational agility and flexibility.

AI healthcare solutions

Watson Health® combines analytics consulting services, AI analytics and expertise to transform health.

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