Adobe has honored IBM with four 2022 Digital Experience Partner of the Year Awards.

A one-of-a-kind partnership for personalized experiences

IBM and Adobe have a strategic alliance spanning both technology and services, building on more than 20 years as an Adobe consulting partner via IBM iX®, the business design arm of IBM Services®.

In 2020, IBM, Red Hat and Adobe joined forces to further advance experience transformation across the customer journey within hybrid cloud environments, particularly in industries for which data security requirements and regulatory compliance have been a barrier.



Customer experience

IBM iX offers integrated consulting services across Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud and Document Clouds, helping companies unlock and use their data to design, implement and scale personal customer experiences.

Security and compliance

Adobe Experience Manager on IBM Cloud for Financial Services™ will help financial service companies meet high-security requirements and regulatory compliance when delivering personalized customer experiences.

Hybrid cloud

Adobe Experience Manager containerized on Red Hat OpenShift will give clients the flexibility to host, access and leverage customer data in the environment of their choice, including on-premises and across multiple public clouds.

Putting innovation in the driver’s seat

With 90% of car purchases starting online, IBM partnered with Audi UK to anticipate the needs and preferences of the next generation of Audi drivers. Using Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, Audi UK augmented their digital experience and deepened each driver’s connection and loyalty to the brand.


Adobe honored IBM with four 2022 Digital Experience Partner of the Year Awards:

  • Americas Partner of the Year 
  • Japan Partner of the Year
  • Western Europe Emerging Partner of the Year
  • International Delivery Quality Partner of the Year 

Co-create with IBM Garage

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