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AWB is the 'Availability WorkBench' and it consists of ACT (Availability after Configuration tool), Individual Product Availability (PA), Supply Bulletins, and various availability related documentation. ACT allows submission of Configuration Reports (CFRs), and calculates overall estimates for shipment and / or delivery leadtimes. ACT provides estimates for 'Shipment from Plant' and 'Delivery to Customer', dependent on geography.

Authentication is required to access the IBM Product Availability tools (ACT - Availability after Configuration Tool, and AWB - Availability WorkBench). IBM Internal Users, registered IBM Business Partners and registered external users can access these tools. IBM Business Partners who are entitled to view product availability information should use their IBM ID. IBM Internal Users should use their standard Intranet ID (including the part).

External users need to apply for access via the 'Contact us' link (send IBM ID, contact details, and reason for access), and once registered they can use their IBM ID to sign-in.

IBM Internal Users (IBM Intranet ID) / Business Partners (IBM ID / IBM Registration ID)

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IBM Business Partners who do not currently have access, should use this IBM PartnerWorld registration link. It will guide you through applying for an IBM ID (if you don't already have one), and registering on IBM PartnerWorld. The registration levels required to view product availability information are:

  • Content Security: SPECIFIC Business Partners (sign in Required)
  • Audience: HW Resellers
  • BP Relationship Types: Distributor, Reseller - Tier 2 (RE), Reseller - Tier 1 (RE), Reseller - Hardware Tier 2, Solution Provider - Tier 1 (SP), Solution Provider - Tier 2 (SP)
  • PartnerWorld Value Package / Options: No, this does NOT require a PartnerWorld Value Package / Value Option
  • PW levels: Advanced, Premier