Introducing Cloud Pak for Security

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The rise of advanced persistent threats

As threats grow in number, they also grow up. Advanced threats have matured. They’re taking advantage of multiple attack points in your systems and networks and hijacking users’ credentials at a low and slow pace. Threats may be off your radar, but they’re always ready to strike. Stay ahead of cybercrime with a modern solution in your SOC, powered by AI.

Why you’re missing the full advanced persistent threat picture

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Tunnel vision

Traditional security won’t reveal low and slow lateral movement of advanced persistent threats across systems. The open-door access from mobile, shadow IT and increasingly complex scams enables attackers to con unknowing authorized users to reveal enterprise credentials.

Even highly sophisticated Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions need simple and speedy scalability to clearly see beyond traditional log and event files to uncover attacker burrows.

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Analysis paralysis

Too many events. Too many false alarms. Too many systems to track threats from root to damage. And not enough expertise to manage all this data and keep your team ahead of the enemy. If this is too familiar, you’ve woken up to the reality that analysts need an assist from artificial intelligence (AI). 

AI and machine learning make it easier and faster to find the root cause and chain of events comprising advanced persistent threats and insidious insider activity.

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Slow to no stopping power

Let’s say your team is able to spot advanced threats, and they’ve mastered forensics to see all the places threats are stealing data.  You still haven’t stopped the threat. There are just too many security systems to rely on manual processes for a rapid response across detection, identification and eradication. Finding threats is only effective if you can fight back without slowing down business.

Three needs for finding advanced threats

Clearly visualize

advanced persistent threats, insider threats, and newer attack strategies like ransomware

  • A direct line of sight between the SIEM, user behavior analytics, and identity and access governance
  • One window of truth for all security activity More eyes, supplement staff with field experts                                                       ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ

Intelligently uncover

suspicious activity by turning data into tactile and actionable threat insights

  • Get to the real enterprise threats up to 60 times faster with AI and automation to help connect the dots
  • Data transformed into intelligence with visualized forensic trails
  • Security advisors to help address your skills gap with threat intelligence and analysisㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ

Seamlessly stop

attacks with automation and orchestration of people, processes, and technology

  • Automate closing the time between detection, identification, and response
  • Dynamic policies to respond to threats with layered security
  • Helping hands, using services to bolster security teams                                                                      ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤ

Advanced persistent threats resources

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Advanced threat insights and action to hang on the wall and share to build stakeholder buy-in.

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Dive a little deeper into the advanced threats facing enterprises today, and learn the key steps to thwart them.

IBM solutions help you detect and stop advanced threats.