Are you chasing threats or are they chasing you?

A modern security operations center (SOC) is proactively planned, not reactively pieced together. It detects, investigates and stops threats before they become costly data breaches.

Technology is only one piece of the program. Plan, instead of react. Ensure that people and processes are in harmonic orchestration with the feeds of security data. Arm your SOC to proactively hunt out new dangers with a daily diligence.

$3.86 million

Average total cost of a data breach

Source: "2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study: Global Overview," Ponemon Institute, July 2018

Solutions for threat detection and response

Detect and stop advanced threats

Strengthen your defense; smarten your offense

Orchestrate incident response

Respond intelligently with a proactive strategy

Master threat hunting

Take down the most persistent threats with the art and science of threat hunting