Improve your network security with up-to-the-minute threat intelligence

Security threats are constantly emerging as attackers look for new ways to infiltrate enterprise networks. To remain resilient, security teams need the latest security intelligence to defend their systems and protect corporate data from unauthorized access or theft. Yet, because of the volume and complexity of this information, staying on top of threats is challenging. The IBM® X-Force® threat analysis service (XFTAS) offers security intelligence gleaned from our globally networked security operation centers and X-Force Research, collaboration with research partners, and meticulously analyzed data from open source intelligence (OSINT) that can identify threats and provide actionable recommendations to help you improve your security posture.

Our service provides

Threat intelligence

Get ahead of threats with up-to-the-minute security information

Daily summaries

Gain insight into the nature and severity of threats and vulnerabilities as they emerge

Security advice

Learn how to prevent future threats with information customized to your organization

Detailed analysis

Understand which current and emerging threats could affect you, and why

Single-view portal

Get security expertise and analysis from the IBM Virtual Security Operations Center

Our solution helps

Kepp current

Keep current

on the most pressing security issues and their impacts

Focus resources icon

Focus resources

on strategic initiatives instead of tactical data gathering

Proactively address icon

Proactively address

threats to help maintain your existing investments

Speed access icon

Speed access

to threat intelligence to help mitigate risk mitigation

Understand the issues

Managed services for identity and access management

Enhance data security and standardize access management processes.

Understand the options

Security incident response plan that actually works

Every organization needs a formal, documented Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP). Learn how to do it right. 

Selecting a managed security service provider

The eight most important criteria.

Building a Security Operations Center

Learn how to optimize your security intelligence to better safeguard your business from threats