Charles Henderson

Global Managing Partner and Head of X-Force®

With more than two decades leading hacking and vulnerability research teams, Charles uses his hacker perspective to build valuable security programs for clients.

Steve Ocepek

Hacking CTO, X-Force Red

Steve has extensive experience in penetration testing and network defense and has received five network security patents in 15-plus years.

Andrew Herlands

Global Associate Partner and Head of X-Force Red Delivery

Andrew has decades of experience leading global information security teams and an extensive background in security services and infrastructure protection.

Adam Laurie

Associate Partner, Global Hardware Hacking Expert, X-Force Red

With four decades of information technology and security experience, Adam Laurie serves as X-Force Red's hardware hacking expert.

Cris Thomas (Space Rogue)

Global Hacking Strategy Lead, X-Force Red

Cris, also known as “Space Rogue,” uses his 20-plus years of experience to help clients understand their risks and how they can meet compliance and security challenges.

Stephanie Carruthers

Global Social Engineering Expert, X-Force Red

Stephanie leads the social engineering practice, focusing on open-source intelligence gathering, phishing, vishing and physical security assessments.

Chris Thompson

Global Red Team Expert, X-Force Red

Chris leads the X-Force Red Adversary Simulation team. He has led advanced Red teaming operations against defense contractors and some of the world’s largest banks.

David Byrne

Global Hacking Methodology Expert, X-Force Red

David serves as an X-Force Red team leader, establishing testing methodologies and standards for project delivery and developing new offerings.

Daniel Crowley

Global Research Baron, X-Force Red

Daniel is the primary author of the Magical Code Injection Rainbow, a configurable vulnerability testbed, and FeatherDuster, an automated cryptanalysis tool.

Dustin Heywood (Evil Mog)

Chief Architect of X-Force

Dustin, also known as "Evil Mog" is a trusted consultant, technology leader, and authentication specialist who specializes in authentication/password security research.

David M. N. Bryan

Global Hacking Tools Expert, X-Force Red

David establishes standardized tool sets and environments for project delivery, leads testing projects, and acts as a liaison to high-profile clients.

Cary Lynch Paxton

Hacking Program Manager, X-Force Red

With 20 years of information security industry experience, Cary manages the day-to-day operations of the global X-Force Red team.

Abby Ross

Associate Partner, X-Force Red

A seasoned marketing and public relations professional, Abby specializes in cybersecurity, providing buzzword-free content and communications for X-Force Red clients.

Brandon Ford

Asia Pacific Regional Lead  

A hacker and regional leader, Brandon is experienced in governance, risk and compliance management for cloud and software development clients.

Ray Evans

Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) Lead, Europe

With more than 34 years in IT, Ray leads the European practice that helps clients build, tune and manage their vulnerability management programs.

Brian McGlone

Penetration Testing Services Lead, Europe

Brian is a security leader experienced in red teaming, web applications, infrastructure, mobile, physical testing, social engineering and code review.

Johnny Shaieb

Global X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services (VMS) Lead

Johnny has three patents and more than 20 years of security experience in vulnerability management, penetration testing, audit compliance and more.