Charles Henderson

Global Partner and Head of X-Force Red

With more than two decades of experience in the information security industry, Charles Henderson leads the X-Force Red team.

Cris Thomas (Space Rogue)

Global Strategy Lead

Cris, also known as “Space Rogue,” uses his 20-plus years of experience to help clients understand their risks and how they can meet compliance and security challenges.

Steve Ocepek

Regional Lead of North America

Steve has received five patents in network security in the past 15-plus years. With extensive experience in both penetration testing and network defense, Steve manages and delivers security services to IBM’s global client base.

Kristine Safi

Global Routes-to-Market Lead

Krissy leads offering development and routes to market for IBM’s X-Force Red Offensive Security Services business.

Dustin Heywood

Senior Penetration Tester

For more than a decade, Dustin has honed his expertise as a strategic information security professional. As a senior X-Force Red team member, he serves as a trusted consultant to clients and peers, specializing in password assessments and password security research.

David M. N. Bryan

Global Leader of Technology

With nearly two decades of professional information security experience, David establishes standardized tool sets and environments for project delivery, leads testing projects, and acts as a liaison to X-Force Red’s high-profile clients.

Cary Lynch Paxton

Global Delivery Operations Manager

For more than 16 years in the information security industry, Cary manages the day-to-day operations of the global X-Force Red team.

Thomas MacKenzie

European Associate Partner

For almost a decade, Thomas has been part of, managed and run security testing teams of different sizes for various organizations.  Currently, he covers X-Force Red in Europe, providing strategy and regional oversight.

David Byrne

Senior Managing Consultant

With an IT career since 1996 and an information security focus since 2000, David serves as a leader for the X-Force Red team. He establishes testing methodologies and standards for project delivery, develops new offerings, and works closely with  high-profile clients.

Daniel Crowley

Research Director

Daniel is a penetration tester and leads the security research discipline within X-Force Red.

Brian McClone

Regional Leader UK & Ireland

Brian works as the regional lead for IBM X-Force Red in the UK and Ireland.

Dimitry Snezhkov

Security Consultant

Dimitry acts as the primary lead on X-Force Red’s most complex projects. He has applied his experience in penetration testing, application assessments, code reviews, social engineering and more to support clients.

Adam Laurie

Global Lead Hardware Hacker

With four decades of information technology and security experience, Adam Laurie serves as X-Force Red's hardware hacking expert.

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