Vulnerability management for hybrid multicloud

53% of IT and security professionals say their organization experienced a data breach in the past two years, with 42% saying the breach occurred because a patch was available for a known vulnerability but not applied. Learn what colleagues are saying about managing vulnerabilities in the cloud and on-premises environment.

Knowing which vulnerabilities to fix first is critical

Identifying, prioritizing and remediating the endless number of vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure is an overwhelming, yet essential task. Spend time on the wrong vulnerabilities, and you could miss the one that lets criminals into your network.

X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services can manage your vulnerabilities for you. Our global vulnerability management team works with you to identify your most critical IT systems, tune existing or new scanners to explore your internal and external network infrastructure, identify the most critical vulnerabilities exposing those systems, and remediate those vulnerabilities in a prioritized fashion.

Using attack correlation and intelligence sources, the X-Force Red team identifies if a vulnerability is actively being weaponized. Combining that intelligence with knowing which assets matter most to your organization, drives a true risk-based approach to effective vulnerability prioritization.

Tired of false positives? The X-Force Red team validates the vulnerability is real and exploitable before it is sent to your security team.

X-Force Red also facilitates a concurrent remediation model making the process manageable no matter the size of your team. Once vulnerabilities are prioritized, X-Force Red sends the most critical ones to the remediators responsible for fixing them. After confirming the first batch is fixed, X-Force Red sends the next batch of critical vulnerabilities to remediators.

X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services provide

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Scanning fundamentals

Uncover critical vulnerabilities exposing sensitive IT systems.

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Vulnerability validation

Validate which vulnerabilities are exploitable to weed out false positives.

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Vulnerability prioritization

Automate the prioritization of vulnerabilities. Vulnerability ranking is based on if the vulnerability is being weaponized by criminals and the value of the vulnerable asset.

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Remediation management

Follow a concurrent remediation model to help ensure your most critical vulnerabilities are fixed first, in a manageable way.

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Ad-hoc scan requests

Perform out-of-schedule scanning, re-testing or related scanning requests.

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Executive workshops

Hire X-Force Red to present vulnerability management research and findings to your executive team, in their language. Generate executive-level support for prioritizing and patching critical vulnerabilities.

X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services helps

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Prioritize critical vulnerabilities

Automatically rank vulnerabilities within minutes based on weaponization and asset value.

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Remediate vulnerabilities with minimal stress

Adopt a concurrent remediation model to enable smooth, manageable and effective remediation.

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Maintain compliance

Comply with regulatory mandates such as the GDPR and PCI DSS.


IBM X-Force Red VMS 

Identifying, prioritizing, and remediating the vulnerabilities that matter most.

Gartner report supports a risk-based vulnerability management process

Gartner recommends prioritizing vulnerabilities based on weaponization and asset value.

Prioritize and fix vulnerabilities that pose an imminent threat

Learn about current limitations with vulnerability prioritization and remediation, the most commonly targeted vulnerabilities, and the strategy behind X-Force Red VMS.