Identifying, prioritizing and remediating the endless number of vulnerabilities – those with and without CVEs - within your IT infrastructure is an overwhelming yet essential task. Just one misconfiguration or default password can lead to a compromise of your entire network.

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Prioritize flaws, strengthen resistance to attacks

Prioritize the remediation of flaws with and without CVEs (misconfigurations, default passwords, weak permissions) with the use of attack correlation, intelligence sources and the integration with the CIS Benchmarks and U.S. Department of Defense System Agency’s Security Technical Implementation Guides.

Reduce stress and shorten remediation times

A concurrent remediation model helps make the process manageable no matter the size of your team. The most critical vulnerabilities are sent to remediators and, once they are fixed, the next batch arrives.

Maintain regulatory compliance

Vulnerability management helps you comply with data protection mandates in regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS and avoid the significant impact of penalties and damage to your reputation.

X-Force Red Vulnerability Management Services capabilities

Scan fundamentals

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Vulnerability scanning fundamentals

Using your preferred scanning solution, X-Force Red provides deployment, support and premium scanning services.

The team works with you to identify which applications and systems are the most important, then configures the scanning tools, profiles, schedules and reports to identify vulnerabilities at the desired depth, and help you to meet your security and regulatory requirements.

Data validation

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Vulnerability data validation

X-Force Red validates identified vulnerabilities that can be overlooked, such as input errors when data comes from untrusted sources, is purposefully or incorrectly entered — that can lead to attacks.


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Vulnerability prioritization

Scan results are loaded into the X-Force Red hacker-built automated ranking engine, which prioritizes findings based on weaponized exploits and key risk factors such as, asset value and exposure.


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Remediation management

X-Force Red can facilitate the remediation process. If subject-matter expertise is needed, we help ensure the highest risk vulnerabilities are fixed or compensating countermeasures are applied.

Ad-hoc scan requests

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Ad-hoc scan requests

X-Force Red can conduct out-of-schedule scanning, reporting, and scan profile updates, based on changes to environment, or new vulnerabilities released publicly.

Vulnerability assessments

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Vulnerability assessments

X-Force Red hackers can present vulnerability management research and findings to your executive team, in their language. This helps generate executive-level support for prioritizing and patching critical vulnerabilities.

Global bank digs out of a mountain of vulnerabilities

A huge number of critical cybersecurity issues threatened to overwhelm the bank’s vulnerability management team. X-Force Red hackers dove in and, four months later, the bank saw a 60% reduction in critical and nearly a 45% total reduction in vulnerabilities.

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