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Traditional threat intelligence practices are unsustainable

Poor intelligence quality, lack of trust and minimal integration with other data sources and organizations create challenges in the ability to glean actionable insight to thwart cyber attacks.


of organizations say threat intel requirements are not clearly defined*


of organizations working with third-party threat intel feeds feel strained from the manual effort required to extract value*


of threat intel programs still use spreadsheets and emails to manage intelligence*

Combine expertise with threat intelligence

IBM Security X-Force® Threat Intelligence can simplify your intelligence management with experts who can design, build, deliver and operate an automated cyber threat platform. This provides accurate and up-to-the minute cyber threat data from unique sources and the ability to share the information with your organization, industry and communities. X-Force threat intelligence sources combined with our incident response services can help you  stay ahead of attacks and better understand the risks.

Enterprise Intelligence Management

Operationalize internal and external data sources through an ecosystem of security tools integrations and open source intelligence (OSINT) feeds to deliver it where you need it in your security tools.

Automate and optimize the exchange of threat data to fuse intelligence efficiently.

Facilitate threat intelligence sharing and security operations by helping teams make decisions faster and proactively..

Premier Threat Intelligence

High quality, prioritized, actionable threat intelligence extracted from real-time IBM security operations, investigations and research​.

Analysis including threat group profiles, malware analysis reports, malware detection rules and threat activity insights.

Delivers actionable threat intelligence for simplified intelligence management and improved detection and response.


Across both open and commercial data


Orchestration and incident response with near real-time intelligence


Threat intel into security applications


Threat intel sharing and detection

Add-on threat intelligence services

Cyber Threat Intelligence Program Assessment

Understand the characteristics of the threat actor and how they used their capabilities to infiltrate the organization with a gap analysis, project roadmap, report of malicious activity, and recommendations to help improve your security posture.

X-Force Strategic Threat Assessment

Examine the threat attackers likely to target your organization, including the infection vectors, techniques and procedures they employ. Make better decisions about organization-wide security programs, investment decisions, security requirements and monitoring strategies.

X-Force Dark Web Analysis

A deep analysis of the dark web for specific areas of interest to your organization including potential leaks of the organization’s confidential information using key words. The results will turn raw data into actionable information to help improve your security posture.

Malware Reverse Engineering

Industry-leading malware analysis for advanced cyber threat incidents to put attacks into context by understanding tactics, techniques and procedures. The team completely reverse-engineers malware to discover variants and understand every component.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security

Prioritize X-Force Threat Intelligence in your organization with an open platform that connects to your existing security tools.

Source: *The Evolution of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI): 2019 SANS CTI Survey