Protect your critical enterprise systems from a data breach

If SAP software runs your organization’s critical business processes, a security breach could be devastating. Vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Shellshock and Zombie Zero malware have triggered hundreds of high-priority security alerts each year. IBM® offers strategic SAP Security and GRC Strategy Services to monitor threats to your SAP platform, help you respond, and disrupt attacks against your highly valuable and regulated data.

Our services provide

Support for enterprise software

Whether you have enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources (HR), supplier relationships (SRM), customer relationships (CRM) software

Support for environments

Flexible services, products and skill sets for HANA, mobile and cloud environments

Our solution helps

Assess SAP systems

Look for vulnerability and compliance risks, tying business context into remediation planning processes

Align with industry standard

Ensure your SAP security policies are in line with the latest industry standards

Protect against hidden threats

Guards against known-but-unpublished vulnerabilities

Monitor continuously

Leverage monitoring and advanced threat protection against zero-day attacks

Manage easily

Streamline auditing and compliance management

Understand the issues

The ABCs of security strategy

Empower your business with the building blocks of security

Trends in SAP Cybersecurity

Ponemon Institute's independent study uncovers the risks of SAP cyber breaches

Understand the options

The world at an inflection point

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