Identify IT security vulnerabilities to help mitigate business risk

You can’t address what you can’t see. Hidden security gaps can expose you to data breaches or regulatory noncompliance, which could hurt your reputation and bottom line. Security Framework and Risk Assessment from IBM® can assess your security capabilities across common industry standards by using tools to identify gaps in controls, score the level of IT risk and prioritize remediation activities.

Our services provide

Monitoring and management

of the network, servers and endpoints for threats and vulnerabilities

Identification and prioritization

of security risks to help reduce threat exposures and data loss risk

Proactive protection

of business-critical applications from external and internal threats

Enhanced security, privacy and integrity

of raw and contextualized data throughout the information lifecycle

Collection and distillation

of vast amounts of security data for alerts, as well as forensic analysis

Foundation for better understanding

of threats, their sources and effective responses

Our solution helps


the impact of identified threats and vulnerabilities and evaluate gaps and weakness in the main facility


more effective short- and long-term strategies to enhance your security posture


financial risk and increase brand reputation and consumer trust


IT security with business goals by verifying whether controls are implemented according to policies

Understand the issues

Help defuse IT security risks

Fight cybercrime with greater efficiency with a programmatic approach.

Understand the options

Security incident response plan that actually works

Top 10 mistakes security organizations make with computer security incident response plans

Realize business-driven security

Explore concerns that characterize security requirements of, and threats to, business and IT systems