Assess your security and technical controls to help you prepare for and pass security audits

Do your security controls meet IT standards? Is your security program in sync with the business? As regulatory mandates grow, it can be a challenge to create a compliant infrastructure. Ten Essential Practices Assessment from IBM® can assess your security capabilities and readiness and develop a profile of your security governance and processes based on industry best practices.

Our services provide


of strengths and weaknesses, definition and management of administrative rules


of data confidentiality, privacy and integrity to help protect assets


of identities and appropriate access, and validation that controls are working as designed


of actions and events to unique individuals or entities

Our solution helps


gaps in your security program based on industry standards


short- and long-term improvements to reduce risks to an acceptable level based on business needs


risk by analyzing, defining and documenting information security controls across your enterprise


and document business requirements for information security

Understand the issues

Managed services for identity and access management

Enhance data security and standardize access management processes.

Understand the options

Building a Security Operations Center

Learn how to optimize your security intelligence to better safeguard your business from threats

Security incident response plan that actually works

Every organization needs a formal, documented Computer Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRP). Learn how to do it right.