A programmatic approach

In our hyper-connected world, nearly every object is vulnerable to a security risk. That’s why X-Force® Red, a global team of industry-leading cybersecurity experts, focuses on the rapid testing of any target, management of vulnerability data, and analytics to help you rate your risk. We work with you to document requirements, recommend unique testing profiles and test systematically.

X-Force Red, an autonomous group within IBM® Security, is an elite squad of consultants who specialize in security testing almost anything in the world — from networks and applications to planes, trains and automobiles, and everything in between. X-Force Red team members are enthusiastic colleagues in the vulnerability research community and are available to help your organization in all aspects of offensive security.

IBM X-Force Red

Flexible models, customizable testing

Capture input easily

We gather input using simple tools instead of cumbersome questionnaires to speed the engagement process and help you better predict testing costs.

Centralize and manage

X-Force Red portal offers a single, interactive view into vulnerabilities. Schedule security tests on-demand, see test status and review findings.

Choose the right model

You can purchase individual tests, subscribe to a service over a set period, or let us provide a dedicated resource to manage your program. 

Move beyond traditional testing strategies

One vulnerability can lead to exploits

To reduce risk, create a robust program to test applications, networks, hardware and devices. See how X-Force Red tackles automotive and IoT testing.

Test your connected cars

With more than 100 million lines of code, today’s automobiles are computers on wheels, making them mobile targets.

Test your IoT solutions

X-Force Red is collaborating with Watson IoT Platform™ to deliver security testing to Internet of Things programs.

Why X-Force Red is unique

Meet the X-Force Red team

Meet the X-Force Red team Get to know a few of the experts and the innovative work that they do to tackle client security issues every day.

X-Force Red portal

Create and manage an offensive security testing program using our cloud-based collaboration platform.


Move beyond traditional security testing strategies

Preempt attacks with programmatic and active testing by X-Force Red.

Defending against cyber attacks

X-Force Red can help organizations uncover their vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do. 

Take a programmatic approach

X-Force Red delivers a security testing program that focuses on management of vulnerability data, rapid testing of any target, and analytics to help you rate your risk.