CISOs, CTOs and X-Force Red hackers discuss OT and IT convergence, missed threats and cyber risks in a remote and hybrid work environment.

A programmatic approach to offensive security

X-Force® Red is an autonomous team of veteran hackers, within IBM Security, hired to break into organizations and uncover risky vulnerabilities that criminal attackers may use for personal gain. X-Force Red offers penetration testing and vulnerability management programs to help security leaders identify and remediate security flaws covering their entire digital and physical ecosystem.

X-Force Red can do whatever criminal hackers can do, but with the goal of helping security leaders harden their defenses and protect their most important assets.

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Find and fix your most critical known and unknown vulnerabilities

Test your applications, network, hardware, personnel and more

With X-Force Red’s "think like a criminal" mentality, our hackers uncover and help fix security vulnerabilities across your infrastructure

Test your ATMs and connected cars

X-Force Red has testing services for ATMs and automotive

Test your IoT solutions

Inside our global X-Force Red Labs or at a location of your choice, our hackers can test your IoT, IIoT, and OT technologies during design and beyond

Rank and remediate vulnerabilities targeting your most important assets

Prioritize vulnerabilities within minutes

Automated vulnerability ranking based on whether or not the vulnerability is being weaponized by criminals and the importance of the exposed asset

Reduce false positives

X-Force Red validates identified vulnerabilities, weeding out false positives

Risk-based remediation 

X-Force Red facilitates concurrent remediation so that the most critical vulnerabilities are fixed first without overburdening your busy staff

Test and measure your security team's response

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Simulate attacks

X-Force Red simulates a full-scale attack to measure how well your "blue teams" and security controls detect and respond

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Discover new attack methodologies

X-Force Red Adversary Simulation exercises incorporate the same stealthy techniques as criminals and new ones that criminals have not yet tried

Identify missed attacks and harden your defenses

X-Force Red compares its findings with your blue team’s, identifies missed attacks and provides recommendations to harden your defenses 

Why X-Force Red is unique

Meet our hackers

Get to know our hackers and the innovative work they do to help organizations strengthen security and minimize risk

The X-Force Red portal

Create and manage an offensive security testing program using our cloud-based collaboration and communication platform

Breadth of portfolio 

X-Force Red can test networks, applications, hardware, personnel, devices, ATMs, airplanes, cars and much more


Hack attack

Our hackers performed attacker reconnaissance against a chief information security officer. Find out what they discovered

International advertising company

Protecting advertising displays from attacks with IBM X-Force Red Penetration Testing

Global automotive manufacturer

Testing its aftermarket car plug-in solution enabled this manufacturer to identify and fix security vulnerabilities during design