Identify and fix exploitable vulnerabilities exposing your networks

Due to regulatory mandates and internal compliance policies, you’re required to test your networks. But are you doing enough? Compliance-driven network testing may mean you’re overlooking certain components an attacker could leverage to compromise the entire environment. Not to mention, the number of IP addresses to test can be overwhelming. How can you know which ones to prioritize?

X-Force® Red network testing services can help you prioritize which components to test, and identify and help fix the highest-risk vulnerabilities exposing your internal and external networks to an attacker.

X-Force Red’s network testing services provide

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Network prioritization

The X-Force Red managed network testing approach includes helping you identify and prioritize which external and internal network elements should be tested.

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Vulnerability identification and exploitation

Using data collected from reconnaissance and research, X-Force Red hackers identify and exploit vulnerabilities to move deeper into your environment.

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Risk-reduction recommendations

X-Force Red provides remediation recommendations to fix vulnerabilities or apply compensating countermeasures that can reduce the risk of an attack.

Why X-Force Red is unique

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Simple scoping, customized testing

We base scoping  on the number of IP addresses. No questionnaires needed, and testing is customized to your needs.

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X-Force Red Portal

View findings as they are uncovered so remediation can begin immediately. Schedule tests, and see where your most vulnerable networks exist, in one unified view.

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On-site or remote testing

Remote testing only requires downloading a virtual machine; no heavy hardware or provisioning of VPN accounts is needed.

X-Force Red network testing helps you

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Understand where to spend your resources

X-Force Red prioritizes which networks need further investigation.

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Understand which network components can be targeted

X-Force Red shows how an attacker could compromise your network, such as attacking a less-critical IP address.

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Minimize the attack window

With the X-Force Red Portal, remediation can begin immediately after a finding is uncovered.


Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset

X-Force Red network testing services are part of the team’s penetration testing portfolio.

X-Force Red Portal

Walk through an interactive demonstration of the X-Force Red Portal.

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Discover how an X-Force Red client protected digital ad displays with penetration testing.