Due to regulatory mandates and internal compliance policies, you’re required to test your networks. But is that enough? Compliance-driven network testing may mean you’re overlooking certain components an attacker could leverage to compromise the entire environment. In addition, the number of IP addresses to test can be overwhelming. How can you know which ones to prioritize?

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Optimize your investment

Testing everything is expensive and unrealistic. X-Force® Red can prioritize which networks require manual testing and at what level.

Gain an attacker’s viewpoint

X-Force Red can test your networks from the viewpoint of an external or internal attacker, and provide remediation recommendations to disable attackers from achieving their goals

Manage and scale ongoing testing

With the X-Force Red Portal and subscription-based service, you can schedule tests, change your testing scope, and have continuous visibility into how much of your budget you have used each month.

X-Force Red network penetration testing capabilities

Test scoping

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Test scoping

Based on the number of IP addresses, with no questionnaires needed.

Network reconnaissance

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Network reconnaissance

Hackers assess both internal and external-facing networks.


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Uses public-facing and proprietary information to determine the severity of exposure.

Network testing and exploitation

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Network testing and exploitation

Onsite or remote, to see how deep an attacker could move.

Reporting and recommendations

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Reporting and recommendations

We provide an attack narrative and remediation roadmap so that you know where to focus your resources.

Related penetration testing services

Application testing

Between IoT devices, mobile and web applications, cloud adoption and microservices, you might have hundreds of apps to test.

Blockchain testing

X-Force Red hackers — blockchain and security experts — can test your entire blockchain environment or only technical elements.

Cloud testing

From containers to images, operating systems, applications, developers and more, we can find security flaws during cloud migrations and beyond.

Models for flexibility

Ad-hoc testing

Smaller project with explicit scope, using X-Force Red hackers, and you own the testing program.

Subscription program

Fixed monthly costs. No charges for overtime or test changes. Unused funds carry over.

Managed service

Predictable monthly budgets. We handle scope, schedules, testing and reporting.

The X-Force Red portal

Centrally manage your testing program and budget. Simplify the way you digest your penetration testing data with prioritized findings and remediation recommendations. Schedule tests based on your preferred timeframe and access current and past report findings, evidence and remediation recommendations in one place.

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Global ad company protects displays from attacks

Digital advertising displays and the network that streams content to them are all potential entry points for criminal attackers. A penetration testing program by veteran X-Force Red hackers helps the company stay on top of vulnerabilities that can put both the displays and the company network at risk of a costly and destructive breach.

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Ransomware protection

Ransomware is sophisticated malware that holds your data hostage, demanding payment to release it.

Network insights and analysis

Analyze network data in real-time to uncover phishing emails, malware, data exfiltration, compliance gaps, DNS and other application abuse.

Incident forensics for network activities

Give enterprise IT security teams better visibility and clarity into security incident-related network activities.

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