Rely on IBM to detect and respond to security events

Get threat detection and response for Amazon Web Services (AWS) events through several IBM® Security services offerings, including:

Intelligent Security Monitoring service (ISM), to enhance GuardDuty’s existing monitoring capability beyond AWS borders to fully encompass your environment

IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence (IRIS), to improve security integration into existing workflow IBM QRadar® Managed SIEM solutions, for mature SIEM capabilities

Security Intelligence Operations and Consulting Services (SIOC), which can help you assess and develop in-house strategic and response capabilities.

How it works

AWS GuardDuty events are ingested into the IBM infrastructure where IBM applies second stage analytics including augmented intelligence (AI), global threat insight, and security process expertise for advanced event classification.

GuardDuty events can be managed centrally through IBM’s Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) Portal, through Intelligent Security Monitoring, an MSS eyes-on-screen monitoring service, or through client-licensed IBM QRadar® SIEM. 

AWS customers can also engage IBM expert services for response planning, preparation, and remediation via our IRIS or SIOC Consulting services.  IBM support for GuardDuty is available both as a standalone service and as an extension to a broader managed security relationship. 

How IBM Secures AWS

To learn more about how you can build on AWS GuardDuty service with IBM Security, please access a recorded webinar here .

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