Rely on IBM to detect and respond to security events

Threat detection and response to Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudWatch and GuardDuty events is available today for IBM® QRadar® customers with the IBM Managed SIEM service.

Targeted for the first quarter of 2018, IBM will extend our GuardDuty threat detection and response services to clients without a SIEM and clients using a SIEM other than QRadar.

How it works

AWS GuardDuty events are ingested into the IBM infrastructure where IBM applies second stage analytics including Augmented Intelligence (AI), Global Threat Insight, and security process expertise for advanced event classification.  

GuardDuty events can be managed centrally through IBM’s Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC) Portal or through customer-licensed IBM QRadar® SIEM.  AWS customers can also engage IBM expert services for response planning, preparation, and remediation. IBM support for GuardDuty is available both as a standalone service and as an extension to a broader managed security relationship.*

To learn more, please provide your contact details and we’ll send you updates as we get closer to launch. 

 *Services described above are pre-announced forward-looking statements by IBM Security. Offering availability schedule is subject to change at any time without notification.

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