Do you know where your critical data resides?

How can your organization best protect its data once it leaves your premises? IBM® Data Security Services for Cloud complements cloud-native security controls and extends the reach of your data security policies to the cloud. Our comprehensive cloud data security and protection services can help discover where your critical data assets are stored and used, identify advanced threats, remediate and capture the incident to enhance your future data security protection.

Let us improve your journey to the cloud by mitigating the risk of data exfiltration and regulatory non-compliance in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.

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Data security wherever you need it

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Best practices for securing data in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments

Our Managed Cloud Data Protection Services provide

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Data discovery and classification

Identifies and then classifies critical data based on defined criteria to meet your data protection objectives

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Data activity monitoring

Uses IBM Security Guardium® to protect against unauthorized access to databases

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Encryption and key lifecycle management

Encrypts and protects data, driven by the need to support regulatory compliance

Our solution helps

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Uncover shadow IT

Enables visibility into data, context, and user behavior across all cloud services, users and devices

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Enforce data loss prevention in the cloud

Protects sensitive assets from being shared, exfiltration, quarantined or deleted

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Audit configurations

Flags security misconfigurations across cloud environments such as AWS and Microsoft Azure

Understanding data security issues

Cost of a Data Breach Report

X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

Understanding data security options

Enterprise security: Cloud-y with a chance of data breaches

Cloud vendors will ensure that your data is stored around the clock. But what about cloud security?

IBM Security Guardium Multi-cloud Data Protection

Comprehensive data security platform that helps safeguard critical, sensitive or regulated data wherever it resides

IBM Data Risk Manager

Translates data security risk into the language of business risk that C-suites can understand