Like all valuable assets, mainframes can be hacked. Identify flaws exposing them.

Mainframes tend to be more secure than most technologies. They have limited external exposure, buried deep inside secured data centers, and typically have their own security controls. There may also be many layers between the mainframe hardware and connection to the internet. Despite the layers of protection, however, mainframes, like most technologies, can be hacked.

X-Force® Red Mainframe Testing helps organizations identify and fix security vulnerabilities exposing their mainframe hardware and software. The service includes testing user segments to find out if nonprivileged users can leverage controls on the network and gain access to mainframe session data or credentials, similar to the way in which attackers would compromise a mainframe. It also includes exploiting identified vulnerabilities using, for example, Job Control Language, and escalating privileges. X-Force Red hackers can perform advanced mainframe application testing, user control testing, password sprays to identify weak passwords and more.

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X-Force Red mainframe testing services

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User and control testing

X-Force Red assesses if unauthorized users can access mainframe session data or credentials, and identifies where security controls are lacking.

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Advanced mainframe application testing

X-Force Red identifies if an attacker can leverage an application’s code to break out and gain access to the mainframe or escalate privileges.

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X-Force Red exploits vulnerabilities to show how an attacker could escalate privileges and gain further access to sensitive assets.

X-Force Red mainframe testing helps

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Uncover undiscovered security flaws

Understand from an attacker perspective if your mainframe hardware and software can be compromised.

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Identify missing security controls

Discover if a lack of security controls is exposing your mainframe and sensitive data stored on it.

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Identify user provisioning flaws

Discover if unauthorized users can access sensitive data stored on your mainframe, and if they can escalate their privileges.

Why X-Force Red?

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X-Force Red’s mainframe hackers are experienced mainframe administrators who are also seasoned testers.

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X-Force Red’s mainframe hackers have expertise in testing applications on mainframes, specifically to uncover unknown flaws.


Using the X-Force Red Portal, clients can see findings as they are uncovered and communicate directly with testers.