Transform your IAM program with cloud

Digital transformation across the enterprise is a critical business imperative for CIOs and CISOs. Cloud IAM technologies can significantly accelerate innovation and business growth. However, security teams often struggle to define the right cloud IAM strategy: one that meets their cloud objectives, but also takes into account the compliance and security requirements of their internal policies, the constraints of legacy architecture, and the customization requirements of their processes and workflows.

Maximize the benefits of cloud IAM or Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)

Plan the right platform

Plan the right platform

IBM® helps customize an IAM architecture with the right cloud-based platform to replace or complement your on-premise infrastructure.

Design the transformation

Design the transformation

Our IAM experts help you plan your move to a target future state with IDaaS to minimize disruptions to your users.

Manage the model

Manage the change

We offer an operating model that helps you retain and redeploy your skilled IAM team members, augmented by IBM technical professionals.

Three essential tips to ease your transition to cloud IAM

IBM Cloud IAM Services

Adopt a cloud IAM solution focused on user outcomes

Plan and design a new cloud-based architecture aligned to business and security goals while keeping in mind your compliance requirements.

Accelerate the deployment of leading IDaaS technologies

Complete a phased IAM journey focused on specific use cases and a quick delivery of functionality to build confidence and support throughout the organization.

Optimize and continuously improve your cloud IAM operations

Realize an accelerated time-to-value by expanding your cloud identity solution with fully managed operations for your newly deployed IDaaS platform.


Worldwide experts

Worldwide experts

More than 3,700 security consultants and 3,300 service delivery experts are trained in Agile and DevOps methodologies to get the job done and quickly move your project to completion.

Size and scale

Size and scale

We manage over 250 million identities across more than 1,200 clients around the world. Our team adapts to meet your changing needs and business objectives.

Innovative solutions

Innovative IAM solutions

IBM Security offers innovative identity solutions like Cloud Identity, Secret Server and Identity Governance and Intelligence, along with a robust partner ecosystem, to execute IAM programs at scale.

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