Reduce the threat of malware delivered by email or the web

To protect data from email- or web-based security threats such as malware, identity theft and phishing scams, you need to proactively monitor web traffic. IBM® offers cloud-based, hosted security services that can be selected individually or in any combination to help fend off threats that arrive in your organization’s email system or enter through the web.

Our services provide

Antivirus for email

for more effective protection against new and unknown viruses

Antispam for email

to remove spam from users' inboxes

Image control for email

using specialized analysis to detect and block images deemed inappropriate by policies

Content control for email


to help restrict and control inappropriate, confidential and personal information

Antivirus and anti-spyware for web

helps combat viruses and spyware threats that are transmitted through the web

URL filtering for web

tools that enable your organization to better control what types of websites employees may access white at work

Our solution helps



complexity by avoiding the need for additional hardware and software solutions



inbound and outbound traffic and block malicious emails or websites around the clock



compliance management by implementing Internet usage policies



continuity by reducing malware-related performance degradation and systems crashes