Cybercriminals increasingly target people instead of infrastructure, with new and more sophisticated cyberthreats, organizations need to put adequate controls in place to protect corporate communication from business email compromise, malware, ransomware and credential phishing.

To stay ahead of attackers and help mitigate security risks, you need an innovative approach that can detect, analyze and block advanced email threats before they reach the inbox.


Reduce complexity

Avoid the need for additional email security solutions. Outsource tactical email security requirements and obtain actionable insights.

Monitoring and management

Block malicious inbound email attacks and monitor outbound for data loss around the clock from security analysts and responders.

Email security best practices

Regular reviews of email security configuration, policies, email attack types and frequency with proactive email security recommendations.

Support email compliance

Regular compliance management by implementing usage policies for email.

Extended help in email investigations

Diligent, ongoing prevention and threat response for advanced email attacks.

Managed email security services capabilities

Email security consulting

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Trusted advisors provide strategic, architectural and email security design best practices, and a roadmap to maturity based on your unique requirements and goals.

Managed email threat monitoring

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Ongoing prevention and threat response for advanced email attacks, as well as health data and email activity analysis.

Security awareness training

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A comprehensive security awareness program, including development and continuous adaption of email attacks and phishing education, fostering a risk-aware culture.

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Threat management

Protect critical assets and manage the full threat lifecycle with a smarter security framework.

Incident response and intelligence

Proactively manage and respond to security threats with the expertise, skills and people of IBM Security™ X-Force®.

Managed infrastructure and network security

Learn about managed security services for today’s hybrid cloud world.

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Security information and event management (SIEM)

Centralized visibility to detect, investigate and respond to critical cybersecurity threats.

Data encryption solutions

Protect enterprise data and address regulatory compliance.

Protect emails from phishing attacks

Protect your employees from the fourth largest cause of a malicious breach.

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