Today’s business data is stored across hybrid multicloud environments, exposing it to various security and privacy risks. While encryption provides protection, the sensitive data typically must first be decrypted to access it for computing and business-critical operations. This opens the door to potential compromise of privacy and confidentiality controls. Until now, those vulnerabilities have been the cost of doing business in the cloud and with third parties.

An innovative technology, fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), can help you achieve zero trust by unlocking the value of your data on untrusted domains without needing to decrypt it.

IBM Security Homomorphic Encryption Services

IBM Security Homomorphic Encryption Services (02:23)


Gain valuable insights

Generate measurable economic benefits by allowing lines of business and third parties to perform big data analytics on encrypted data while maintaining privacy and compliance controls.

Collaborate confidently on hybrid cloud

Process encrypted data in public and private clouds and third-party environments while maintaining confidentiality controls.

Enable AI, analytics and machine learning

Use AI and machine learning to compute upon encrypted data without exposing sensitive information.


Homomorphic encryption use cases

Encrypted predictive analysis in financial services

While machine learning (ML) helps create predictive models for conditions ranging from financial transactions fraud to investment outcomes, often regulations and polices prevent organizations from sharing and mining sensitive data. FHE enables the computation of encrypted data with ML models without exposing the information.

Privacy in healthcare and life sciences

Despite the efficiency of cloud in hosting workloads for large clinical trials, privacy risks and healthcare regulations often make it impractical for hospitals to transition to cloud. FHE can improve the acceptance of data-sharing protocols, increase sample sizes in clinical research and accelerate learning from real-world data.

Encrypted search in retail and consumer services

Technology enables large-scale monitoring of how consumers search and access information, but privacy rights make it difficult for organizations to monetize that data. FHE makes it possible to gain insights on consumer behavior while concealing user queries and protecting the individual’s right to privacy.


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