Find and prioritize your highest-risk hardware vulnerabilities

Just because your software sits inside a piece of hardware does not mean it is secure. Hardware can have its own set of vulnerabilities, especially if it’s “legacy,” which can mean as little as three years old.

While some hardware manufacturers apply regular updates, many do not, which means exploitable vulnerabilities may be exposing the hardware to an attacker. Consider, too, that engineers who build hardware typically are not security specialists, so devices may contain vulnerabilities they had not considered. If just one exploitable vulnerability exposes your hardware, it also exposes the connected software and entire infrastructure.

X-Force® Red hardware testing services help you find, prioritize and fix the highest-risk hardware vulnerabilities, both before and after devices go to market.

X-Force Red hardware testing services provide

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Device discovery and prioritization

X-Force Red can identify how many devices are connected to the network and which need testing.

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Near-real attack scenarios

X-Force Red executes hardware attack scenarios to find vulnerabilities, such as insecure chip communications, third-party module and debug flaws.

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Risk reduction recommendations

X-Force Red remediation recommendations provide guidance to fix vulnerabilities or apply compensating countermeasures to reduce the risk of an attack.

Why X-Force Red is unique

X-Force Red Labs

Clients can ship devices to one of four secured global testing Red Labs.

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X-Force Red can prioritize which, out of the thousands of devices connected to the network, need further testing.

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Secure by design

X-Force Red can work with engineers to build devices securely. Many of the team’s hackers are also engineers, so they speak the same language.

X-Force Red hardware testing helps

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Understand where to spend resources

Testing everything is expensive and unrealistic. X-Force Red can identify which devices are the most important to undergo testing.

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Uncover hidden vulnerabilities

Identifies vulnerabilities you may not be not aware of that can elevate the risk of a compromise.

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Design products more securely

Helps you choose secure parts and identify and fix vulnerabilities before devices go to market.


Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset

X-Force Red hardware testing services are part of the team’s penetration testing portfolio.

X-Force Red Labs

X-Force Red can test any and all IoT devices in its global Red Labs.

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