Tap into the talent you need to effectively manage your data security

As the sophistication and cost of data breaches continue to rise, data protection services have become all the more critical. Beyond meeting compliance requirements, you also need to protect critical data from unauthorized access. These challenges become even more daunting if you have to compete for scarce security talent.

Guardium® data protection services from IBM® provide the security talent you need. Managed security services can help you addess these challenges while maintaining operational integrity.

Our services provide

Solution outline and planning based on your environment

High-level and detailed data protection design

Configuration and customization of policy settings

Integration of data protection workflow

Real-time event monitoring and notification

Device administration and management including Guardium software taps

Our solution helps



critical assets from unauthorized user access



skill shortage, reduce cost and technology complexity and improve overall security posture



around-the-clock data activity monitoring with global advanced threat intelligence and analytics



regulatory compliance for requirements such as PCI1, SOX2, HIPAA3, and others

Understand the issues

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Understand the options

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Escape the clutches of emerging data threats

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