Accelerate detection of hidden threats with proactive cyber defenses

Two-thirds of organizations don't detect security breaches on their own. And these hidden, active threats often go unnoticed for months. You need robust cybersecurity consulting services to find them before serious damage occurs to your infrastructure and even your brand.

IBM® active threat assessment services can facillitate a more proactive cyber defense, helping you identify and address cyber threats lurking in your environment more quickly.

Our services provide

Intelligence-driven threat hunting

Find threats using IBM-generated intelligence and IOC/IOA detection

Endpoint analysis and alerting

Endpoint detection and response tools to discover active attacks in near real-time

Real-time network traffic analysis

Appliance-based analysis, backed by intelligence, to discover active attacks

Endpoint metadata collection and analysis

Discover signs of historical compromise that have gone undetected

Enterprise log analysis

Firewalls, IDS/IPS devices, network AV servers and DNS logs to show active or historical attack

Our solution helps

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your company against undetected threats by identifying infrastructure weaknesses

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costs using a flexible, modular approach to testing your cyber defenses

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protection with an in-depth assessment of your cybersecurity posture

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Be proactive

with consulting that helps you surface threats you can't see

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Understand the options

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