With the growing role of cloud in business processes, innovation and digital transformation, organizations face new security challenges in the move from on-premises environments. The new target: developers who built the applications and have the most significant access. If just one developer clicks a malicious link or publicly divulges too much information, an attacker can steal credentials, and access the entire cloud environment.

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Identify critical vulnerabilities

X-Force® Red cloud testing uncovers rogue containers, problematic access rights, unpatched servers and more.

Uncover developer mistakes

Find publicly available information and show how attackers can use to compromise the cloud environment.

Strengthen cloud security

Programmatic changes offer actionable recommendations that help remediate and reduce risk.

Cloud testing services

Application testing

Manual and tool-based testing, including source code assessments, to uncover vulnerabilities exposing cloud applications.

Network testing

For server-centric environments, identifies exposed cloud services, servers, misconfigurations and infrastructure.

X-Force Red cloud testing services capabilities

Find known and unknown security flaws during cloud migrations.

  • Comprehensive testing: Entire cloud environment — containers to images, operating systems, applications and developers
  • Expertise: Experienced programmers understand how cloud apps are built and what makes them vulnerable
  • Business-focused testing: We help align remediation actions with your business objectives


The latest on penetration testing

Protect critical assets using an attacker’s mindset to uncover security weaknesses.

Take a programmatic approach

X-Force Red delivers a security testing program that combines tool-based and manual testing to identify and help fix known and unknown vulnerabilities exposing your most valued assets.

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