Identify cloud vulnerabilities that tools alone cannot find

Over the past decade, the cloud has become an integral part of an organizations’ business processes, innovation and digital transformation. And as with most new technologies, new security challenges arise.

The cloud attack surface is broader than traditional on-premise environments. Since many cloud services do not have a specific set of IP addresses, attackers are shifting their focus to the people who have the most significant level of access — the developers who built the applications. If just one developer clicks a malicious link or publicly divulges too much information, an attacker can steal their credentials, and access the entire cloud environment.

In addition to developer security mistakes, the most common vulnerabilities exposing cloud environments are misconfigurations, overly permissive access rights and unpatched servers.

X-Force® Red cloud testing uncovers and helps fix critical vulnerabilities exposing organizations’ most important cloud-based assets. From containers to images, operating systems, applications, developers and more. X-Force Red can find known and unknown security flaws during cloud migrations and beyond.

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X-Force Red cloud testing services provide

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Application testing

Manual and tool-based testing, including source code assessments, to uncover vulnerabilities exposing cloud applications.

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Network testing

For server-centric environments, identifies exposed cloud services, servers, misconfigurations and infrastructure.

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Attacker reconnaissance

Researching potential attacker targets (that is, developers) to find publicly available information, and showing how that information can be used in an attack.

X-Force Red cloud testing services help

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Identify critical vulnerabilities exposing cloud-based assets

X-Force Red identifies misconfigurations, rogue containers, overly permissive access rights, unpatched servers and more.

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Uncover employee mistakes that might elevate risk

X-Force Red uncovers publicly available information posted by developers that attackers can leverage to compromise the cloud environment.

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Make programmatic changes to strengthen security across the cloud environment

X-Force Red offers actionable remediation recommendations that help reduce the most risk.

Why X-Force Red cloud testing services?

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Comprehensive testing

X-Force Red tests all configurations, processes, applications, networks, servers, databases and controls — the entire cloud environment.

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X-Force Red testers are experienced programmers who understand how cloud applications are built and their common and exploitable vulnerabilities.

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Business-focused testing

With extensive experience testing cloud environments, X-Force Red understands how to align remediation actions with business objectives.


Move beyond traditional security testing strategies

Uncover and fix known and unknown vulnerabilities before criminals find them.

Take a programmatic approach

X-Force Red delivers a security testing program that combines tool-based and manual testing to identify and help fix known and unknown vulnerabilities exposing your most valued assets.