Strengthen your security posture

The cyber threat landscape requires constant vigilance against disgruntled insiders, sophisticated criminals and aggressive nation-states.

How do you know if your enterprise has already been the victim of an advanced persistent threat? And, wheter you can detect and respond to a new one? IBM® can help you identify, plan and take action against cybersecurity threats.

IBM Advanced Persistent Threat Survival Kit provides

Cybersecurity awareness workshop

Real-world scenarios examine the anatomy of cyber attacks

Incident response planning

Outlines appropriate response activities in the event of a breach

Threat attack modeling and mock incident testing

Onsite cyber incident simulation tests readiness

Penetration testing

Probe defenses to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited

Active threat assessment

Look for malicious software and activity in your environment

Emergency response services

24-hour access to security pros, forensic analysis and more

Our solution helps


end-to-end solution to reduce complexity and operational costs


help to harden your enterprise against cyber incidents


security policy checks against known and unknown threats


detection to catch vulnerabilites and detect potential breaches sooner

Understand the issues

2018 IBM X-Force Threat Index

Get a better understanding of the current threat landscape.

2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study

How do you deal with a data breach? Assess. Respond. Prevent.

Security incident response plan that actually works

Top 10 mistakes security organizations make with their computer security incident response plans

Understand the options

Data Breach Risk Calculator

Find out how much a data breach can cost your organization

Advanced Persistent Threat Survival Kit

Learn more about being prepared for a cyber incident