Addressing application security challenges

Whether your enterprise applications are in the cloud or on-premises, they can be easily exploitable gateways to confidential enterprise information. That’s because application security defects are often identified in late stages of software development lifecycle (SDLC), and amplified by the short development cycles of agile methods.

To help organizations effectively balance the discovery of new application vulnerabilities and remediate existing vulnerability backlogs, IBM Application Security Services can help. We can transform your application security program by deeply integrating expertise, tools and processes across your entire SDLC. By identifying and remediating application vulnerabilities early in the SDLC, you can drive cost savings and better outcomes.

Inside IBM Application Security Services

App security program design

App security program design

Helps establish enterprise-grade application security program to  drive security-focused software development

Secure software pictogram

Secure software development training

Installs strong application security expertise baseline in the software development life cycle

App security requirements design pictogram

App security requirements design

Identification of app security requirements with corresponding app testing use cases

App security threat modeling pictogram

App security threat modeling

Enables a threat-driven secure software development approach to strengthen the security architecture and posture

App penetration testing pictogram

App penetration testing

Identifies code-level vulnerabilities, run-time security defects and app logic flaws

App security remediation support pictogram

App security remediation support

Improves implementation of application security controls and vulnerability remediation through application security helpdesk

Understanding application security

What Is threat modeling and how does it impact application security?

How to balance speed and security in your application security program

The system development lifecycle: A phased approach to application security

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