Put your security teams to the test

Even organizations with strong security controls and processes may not be able to detect and contain a breach quickly. If organizations' security teams do not practice their detection and response capabilities the likelihood of effectively executing them in a real breach scenario is minimal.

X-Force® Red Adversary Simulation evaluates how well your security team can detect and respond to a real-world attack, using the same tactics, techniques and procedures as advanced attackers.

While a standard penetration test is focused on identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in your network and applications, adversary simulation exercises evaluate the effectiveness of your security controls and the security team’s ability to identify and contain an actual breach. Exercises are focused on emulating an advanced threat actor, using stealth, subverting established defensive controls, and identifying gaps in your defensive strategy.

At the end of an engagement, you provide X-Force Red with Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) believed to be attributed to the X-Force Red team. X-Force Red reviews these IoCs and incorporates any successful controls/detections into the report timeline. The team then works closely with your staff to explain the attacks conducted and provides recommendations to improve their prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

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X-Force Red Adversary Simulation provides

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Identifying targets, deployed security controls and high-value assets most likely to be targeted by an advanced attacker.

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Realistic attacker simulation

Through privilege escalation, lateral movement, and exploitation, X-Force Red focuses on the same goals that a motivated attacker would have.

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Actionable reporting

Detailed reporting focused on identifying gaps in your detection and response capabilities, and actionable guidance on bridging gaps.

X-Force Red Adversary Simulation helps

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Test technical controls

How well do your next-gen antivirus, EDR and firewalls perform against advanced attacks?

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Test security teams and controls

Simulations help measure how well security teams and controls detect and respond to a breach.

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Fix gaps in detection

Post engagement, X-Force Red helps security teams identify and bridge gaps that may hinder rapid detection and response.

Why X-Force Red Adversary Simulation

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Attacker mindset

X-Force Red’s hackers think like attackers, and use the same tools, techniques and practices to compromise organizations.

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X-Force Red hackers have decades of experience breaking into global organizations using red teaming techniques, evading security teams, and building custom payloads and C2 frameworks to achieve their goals.

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Industry knowledge

X-Force Red focuses on business processes unique to industry verticals and business units, and understands where detection and response weaknesses typically exist.