Expose the attacker inside your network

Insider threats account for 60 percent of cyber attacks, and they are incredibly difficult to detect. In fact, most cases go unnoticed for months or years. Regardless of whether the insider is a malicious employee or a contractor whose credentials have been compromised, security teams need the ability to quickly and accurately detect, investigate and respond to these potentially damaging attacks.

Respond to insider threats before they disrupt your business

The IBM® QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform enables security analysts to rapidly detect, investigate and respond to insider threats before attackers are able to steal data, damage systems or disrupt business operations. Using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, the solution can identify high risk activities, prioritize the riskiest users, uncover compromised credentials and alert security teams to serious incidents.

As alerts are raised in QRadar, analysts can use cognitive intelligence to accelerate incident investigations by 60x. When integrated with complementary identity governance solutions, high risk users’ accounts can automatically be suspended to contain a threat and block potential damage. With QRadar, security teams can respond to insider threats faster than ever before to better protect the organization’s critical assets.