Can the cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution you choose today scale up to the challenges you encounter tomorrow?

Choose enterprise-grade

It shouldn't matter if you represent a large enterprise or a smaller firm: when it comes to security, the quality of technology should never be sacrificed. With IBM® Cloud Identity Service, you will be choosing affordable access to the industry's most functionally complete IAM solution.

Choose just one solution

When choosing an IAM cloud solution, you shouldn't be forced into the role of system integrator. Cloud Identity Service is the world's only fully integrated solution – from the data center, to the software running in the cloud, to the security services experts who can help you get up and running quickly.

Choose to be secure

Security and compliance issues extend far into every corner of your organization, so your IAM partner should have global experience and a long track record of success. IBM's global and cross-industry experience in security and compliance make CIS a leader among cloud IAM vendors.

Cloud Identity Service includes the same depth of identity management, web access control, and federation that are found in the on-premises platform version of its IAM technology.

—Andrew Kellett and Rik Turner, "Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Solution", Ovum, 2016-17

Meet IBM Cloud Identity Service

Quick time to high value

A complete enterprise-class IAM solution from the cloud in as little as three to six weeks, including multi-site disaster recovery and separate non-production environments

Identity governance and administration

Identity life cycle processes, automated provisioning of accounts among heterogeneous systems, access requests, dynamic role provisioning and governance over user access via workflows for policy enforcement, and more

Advanced WAM

Web access management that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) centralized access controls, advanced context-based controls, and support for conventional and multi-factor authentication

Effortless federation

Easy connection of SaaS applications and partners through powerful federation capabilities using standards such as SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect

On-demand capabilities

The industry's most comprehensive set of cloud-based IAM capabilities, which can be simply turned on or off to fit requirements

User self-services apps

Point-and-click, configured self-service apps for registration, password reset, profile management, access request, delegated administration and more with support for multi-language branding content

Limitless integration

Integration of nearly any number and type of identity repositories from a simple Active Directory or database to complex ERPs, mainframes, and HR systems

Advanced auditing

Comprehensive transaction recording with ad-hoc reporting capabilities that provide data and intelligence to security and compliance stakeholders

Cloud Identity Service was a consistently strong performer across most of the listed IDaaS technology components and appeared on the leader board for service delivery, SSO, federation, provisioning, directory services, reporting/alerting/monitoring, and management infrastructure.

—Andrew Kellett and Rik Turner, "Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Solution", Ovum, 2016-17.

One solution for all of your identity and access management challenges

60% cost-savings1 – No infrastructure – Quick start-up – Reduced need for specialized skills



  • ¹Non-Production Domain
  • ¹Production Domain
  • Disaster Recover Site
  • Site-to-Site VPN Support
  • Cloud Directory
  • Single Directory Integration
  • SSO for 10 Apps
  • Standard User Self Suite
  • Reporting
  • Support – 12x5



  • Includes Starter Features Plus:
  • +1 Non-Production Domain
  • Enterprise Directory
  • Multiple Directory Integration
  • SSO for Unlimited Apps
  • Social Login Support
  • MFA/OTP Support
  • Support – 24x7



  • Includes Starter and SSO Features Plus:
  • Risk Based Access Control
  • Identity Lifecycle and Provisioning
  • Delegated User Management
  • Access Request and Approval
  • Recertification/Attestation
  • REST API Integration
  • Multi Instance User Self Service Suite
  • SIEM/Audi Feed Integration

¹Based on IBM internal data. Results may vary.

Looking for a tailored, enterprise IAM solution from the cloud?

Not all organizations' identity and access management challenges can fit nicely into a box.

Whether your applications are custom, your business processes complex, or you're looking for world-class professional services and project management to coordinate each step of your project, IBM Cloud Identity Service is uniquely suited to serve organizations with out-of-the box challenges.

IBM Cloud Identity Service can be designed to help with the full lifecycle of implementation and operations, including discovery, planning, project management, integration engineering and more – expertly delivered by IBM's global staff of identity professionals.