1. How vulnerable is your organization to insider threats?


of global organizations surveyed, believe they are susceptible to insider threats.1


of organizations surveyed cite an internal source (accidental or malicious) as being responsible for their most recent breach.2

2. When was the last time your organization was breached?

If you’re taking a traditional approach to enterprise security, you might have been breached and not even know about it.

On average, there are


confirmed breaches reported across 70 organizations over the course of a single year.3

And the average breach goes undetected for approximately

8 months,

causing untold damage in the meantime.4

3. How confident are you that your existing security tools can accurately detect system fraud and abuse?


of enterprises surveyed say existing security tools lack the contextual information needed to detect system fraud and abuse.5


of enterprises surveyed also say their security tools yield too many false positives.5

4. How well do you know the people interacting with your enterprise systems and data?

Out of organizations surveyed...


of their confirmed breaches were the result of stolen credentials that leveraged legitimate partner access

It’s safe to say most of these breaches could have been prevented. With the right detection methods, it would have been possible to flag malicious users or users with compromised credentials before any real damage was done.

5. Do you feel confident that your internal and external stakeholders are protected from threats to your enterprise?

An attack against stakeholders or customers can prove costly to your enterprise. The loss of business resulting from a single data breach reached an average of 7

$1.6 million in 2015.

Attackers will undoubtedly target individual users. Don’t bet your reputation otherwise.

6. What kind of impact do you think a Fusion Center, driven by intelligent threat analysis, can have on your security efforts?


of organizations surveyed that have implemented a cyber threat intelligence platform note greater visibility into attack methodologies.8



see faster and more accurate detection and response.8

Using a comprehensive platform like IBM® i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis, an enterprise can create an intelligence-led Fusion Center that enables proactive, end-to-end protection for the enterprise that extends far beyond the cyber realm.

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to protecting your organization from threats.

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