Beyond college: Consider a future in cybersecurity

If you’re an enthusiastic female student enrolled at a collegiate institution, or you’re a high school senior considering your collegiate future, we invite you to join us for panel discussions, keynote speakers and networking opportunities. 

Whether you’re already interested in a cybersecurity career path, or you’re a student who has never even considered a future in the technology industry, sign up to attend one of our events and learn more about the exciting opportunities the world of cybersecurity has to offer.  

Beyond college: Consider a future in cybersecurity

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Atlanta, GA

September: Atlanta, GA

IBM Security

Dublin, Ireland

October: Dublin, Ireland

IBM Technology Campus

Cambridge, MA

November: Cambridge, MA

IBM Security

Sneak a peek at our curriculum

Participate in these seminar segments — and more

  • Why career in cybersecurity?
  • Closing the skills gap
  • Networking and mentoring
  • Resume clinic
  • Tour of IBM Cyber Range (Cambridge only) 

Meet some of IBM’s cybersecurity warriors


Meet Tally

If you’d said a year ago I’d be working at IBM Security, I would have laughed. I’m a psychology major at a liberal arts school, I’ve never taken a computer science class, I can’t code in Python, and I’m a self-proclaimed “non-math” person. Yet, there is still a place for me here – and there could be for you, too. If you think tech is for men only, or you’re intimidated by breaking into the industry, reconsider. Companies like IBM want strong, smart, motivated women to help change the world.


Meet Hannah

I’m a books-and-paper kind of person. But my internship with the IBM cybersecurity HR team has opened my eyes to the many opportunities available to a non-computer science major. For example, I can use office management skills while contributing to IBM’s cybersecurity efforts without getting deeply involved on the technical side. My takeaway: Your perspective is valuable in this field. The cybersecurity industry needs passionate people willing to learn continuously to become a part of it.


Meet Bridget

As I started my journey into cybersecurity, shifting from a political science major to IT security, I had no idea about careers, or if this was even the path for me. And it wasn't until I came to IBM as an intern that I learned that only 11 percent of professionals in cybersecurity are women. As part of an initiative to change this perception of a “boys club,” I’m working with inspiring IBM women to break the barrier and show that women can excel in a STEM profession.

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