Smart cities are an attacker’s dream

Vulnerable smart devices could allow hackers to attack traffic lights and public warning systems.

Attacking AI

If developers don’t create artificial intelligence programs with security in mind, AI is vulnerable.

GDPR’s wide impact

How companies are rethinking their data strategy in the wake of GDPR implementation.

Cost of a mega breach

Losses from mega breaches can total $350 million or more, but smaller breaches cost millions too.

Cyberwarrior women

IBM’s Allison Ritter exemplifies how women can blaze new paths for successful cybersecurity careers.

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AI’s impacts on AppSec

A new study from Ponemon Institute takes a comprehensive look at the impact of AI on application security testing. Here are 10 takeaways.

A mobile VA for workers

Given the amount of time and effort we expend at the office, it’s about time that AI-powered voice assistants (VA) made their way to the workplace.

Quantum leaps and bounds

Quantum computing has the potential to harm and help cybersecurity. Find out how quantum promises to enhance machine learning and other capabilities.

Events and webcasts

Events and webcasts

Cost of a breach

On demand

In this webinar, Larry Ponemon of Ponemon Institute and IBM’s Megan Powell discuss key findings from the 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study.

Master Skills University Europe

November 5-9, 2018

This London edition of IBM Security Master Skills University offers education and networking events exclusively for IBM Security product users.

A look inside the dark web and the fight against cybercrime

Science Channel documentary pulls back the curtain on cybercrime and new approaches to fighting it.

Recent headlines

Smart home spying

NBC News visits a smart home to show how convenient technology can be turned against homeowners.

AI without the hype

AI is already delivering on many of its promises in fighting phishing, fraud and insider threats.

Android app attack

BankBot Anubis malware discovered in Google Play can steal credentials for banking and payment apps.