IBM Security MaaS360 makes Windows device management easier

IBM® Security Maas360® with Watson™ is a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution providing API-based policies to secure Windows 10 devices, as well as native granular patch management and application distribution for those same devices — or even those still running Windows 7.

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Unified endpoint management (UEM) is the new MDM

With MaaS360, as long as Windows devices have an IP address and an internet connection, enrollment can be completed and patches, updates and applications can be distributed over the air (OTA). This lays the groundwork for a modern management strategy to co-exist with or migrate from an existing client management tool (CMT).

MaaS360 for Windows Device Management

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Gain insight

  • Report on installed antivirus software 
  • Granular patch and update management 
  • Distribution of applications, files or scripts 
  • Act on missing patches or OS updates 
  • Assess device health with Health Attestation 
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Perform actions

  • Remote actions such as lock, locate and wipe 
  • Enroll through Out-of-Box Experience and Autopilot 
  • Set identity and access management (IAM) policies 
  • Provide conditional access through Office365
  • Enable Windows Defender 
Set policies pictogram

Set policies

  • Configure VPN, Wi-Fi and passcode parameters 
  • Enforce BitLocker encryption 
  • Protect data with Windows Information Protection (WIP) 
  • Create app blacklists and whitelists 
  • Authenticate with Windows Hello for Business 
  • Create kiosks with Assigned Access 

Visit the IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson website for more resources