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More than 80 percent of all devices worldwide run Android, meaning 8 out of 10 of your users could be working on an Android device. Google has built Android as an enterprise-ready mobile platform that enables companies around the world to transform the way their workers do business and engage with customers. How are you using it to power your business?

As an Android Enterprise Recommended Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) vendor, IBM MaaS360® with Watson™ works closely with Google to help ensure your Android adoption is easy, impactful and in line with Google’s high standards for Android deployments.

Android 10 is here. Are you managing it the modern way?

With Android 10 comes the deprecation of Device Administrator (DA), disabling APIs previously available for Android device management through DA mode . For those still managing bring-your-own Android devices this way, IBM offers a migration tool to ease the transition to Android’s enterprise configuration without sacrificing user productivity.

android enterprise recommended

Gain insights and take action with MaaS360 Android MDM

Gain insight into each device including OS system and version, manufacturer details, root detection and more.

Perform actions to locate devices or wipe (full and selective) the ones that are truly lost. Control apps with blacklist, whitelist and auto install or removal. Enforce geofencing on hardware features like camera to protect sensitive data.

Set policies to enable access to corporate resources from email to Wi-Fi and VPN. Manage passcode updates and length to meet your corporate standards as well as enforcing encryption and kiosk mode.

Disable hardware functions like camera, USB storage and microphone. Protect data level leaks with feature restrictions for clipboard, cut and paste, and screen capture.

Push the right apps while blocking the wrong ones. Deploy both public and private apps from a native-like enterprise app catalog.

Privacy peace of mind for BYOD, by protecting personal app information, device location, physical address, SSID and browsing history.


Android Enterprise

With support for the Android enterprise deployment model — device owner (DO), profile owner (PO), fully managed device with work profile or corporate-owned personally enabled (COPE), corporate-owned single use (COSU) — managed devices can access pertinent work content without sacrificing end-user experience. MaaS360 supports Android-enforced EMM policy controls and offers same-day support for the Android Enterprise platform that allows you to keep your devices and data secure as updates to the platform continue to become available.

An Android Enterprise Recommended EMM vendor, MaaS360 supports the following:

    • Device, app and deployment management

    • Migration from DA mode to PO

    • Zero Touch enrollment for bulk deployments and an out-of-the-box experience

Samsung Knox

MaaS360 supports Samsung Knox, a comprehensive mobile solution for work and play, utilizing a separate container to manage and secure business data:

• Streamline enrollment to Knox Mobile Platform (Knox Mobile Enrollment)

• Configure multiple types of KNOX enterprise licenses, such as ELM and Knox Premium

• Comprehensive management of apps, content, and devices for the Knox platform

• Complete containerization of personal and work data on devices

• Over-the-air (OTA) configuration and management of Knox container-level security policies

• Enhanced email and browser configuration

• Remote lock, unlock, and selective wipe of Knox container data

Android Things and ruggedized devices

Ruggedized devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) need to be managed just like smartphones, tablets and laptops. MaaS360 supports IoT devices that use APIs for management, and offers device policies that can also be used to secure the devices used to manage things, as well as the IoT gateways that collect data from them.

MaaS360 offers ruggedized device management which includes support for ruggedized Android mobile devices running version 2.2+ and COSU devices including:

   • Zebra

   • Panasonic

   • Honeywell

   • Bluebird

   • Kyocera

   • M3

   • LG

Perform actions

• Refresh device details on demand

• Perform help desk operations like send message, locate, lock, wipe or reset passcode

• Perform a full wipe of a lost device or a selective wipe of corporate data and policies

• Silently install and uninstall mobile applications

• App blacklisting and whitelisting

• Prevent users from uninstalling apps

• Activate Kiosk Mode including disabling native applications from being used or accessed

• Block hardware keys

• Enable VPN for specific applications through Android Enterprise

• Enforce location-specific policies through geofencing

• Push OS updates

• Push files and documents

Set and distribute policies

• Enforce passcode requirements

• Enforce device encryption

• Enable Kiosk Mode to lock down a custom home page with selected apps

• Prevent non-compliant device access to corporate data

• Disable Copy and Paste within external applications

• Restrict sharing into a work profile

• Native multi-user support

• Admin-controlled OTA OS updates

Device restrictions

• Configure device profiles and restrictions: 

• Distribute email, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles to supported devices 

• App management and administrator approval

• Native applications such as Google Play, YouTube, email, browser, Google Maps 

• Non-market application installation 

• Data roaming, Bluetooth, tethering 

• Camera usage, USB mass storage, microphone 

• Clipboard and screen capture 

• Location detection policies

Android Enterprise application catalog

• Managed Google Play account provisioning

• Distribute only approved apps

• Managed app configuration management

• Suggest and distribute Android applications to employees

• Distribute "home-grown" private applications

• Distribute web applications

Additional Android Enterprise information

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Android can create a mobile, connected workforce capable of working more securely, efficiently and smarter.

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Android Enterprise manageability

Android management options allow enterprises to support a range of use cases from BYOD to corporate-liable.

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Android invests in technologies and services that strengthen the security of devices, apps, and the global ecosystem.

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