Quickly deploy and support enterprise devices using Lotus Traveler

Protecting your enterprise email access point is a key component of of IBM® MaaS360® mobile device management (MDM) for Lotus Traveler. Give your IT staff control over mobile devices that connect to the IBM Lotus Notes email server over the Domino protocol.

Complete mobility management and security

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IBM® MaaS360® for Lotus Traveler provides visibility and control over a wide range of mobile devices. Through the IBM MaaS360 Cloud Extender, you can manage your Traveler-connected devices by collecting device inventory, performing actions, and enforcing policies. IBM MaaS360 Cloud Extender integrates with your existing infrastructure, so it is not in the way of mission-critical message delivery. It supports Lotus Traveler version 8.5.2 and above.

Gain Insight

  • Model

  • Operating system

  • Lotus Traveler details

  • Mailbox status

  • Policy

  • Remote wipe support

  • Passcode status

Perform Actions

  • Approve and block a device from the email system

  • Wipe a lost or stolen device

  • Change policies

  • Remove a device record from the email server

Set and Distribute Policies

  • Automated compliance and policy enforcement

  • Automated compliance and policy enforcement

  • Automated compliance and policy enforcement

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