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IBM® MaaS360® for Apple iOS provides the visibility and control you need to support iPhone and iPad in the enterprise. Deploy iOS devices faster, distribute apps easier, protect data better, save money, and provide a seamless mobile user experience.

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Latest enterprise-grade advancements with iOS 10

Apple continue to innovate on new enterprise-grade technologies to make iOS 10 a more powerful business partner. With better security, app distribution, productivity tools and device management features in iOS 10 managed by IBM® MaaS360®, you will see big differences in all corners of your mobile workplace. Enable your employees to work anytime and anywhere on the devices they love, including the newest iPhones and iPads.

Enterprise Security Advancements

  • Fewer exceptions for App Transport Security (ATS)

  • Support disabled for older, vulnerable cipher suites: RC4 and SSLv3

App Features

  • Newly opened Siri, messages and maps APIs for developers

  • VoIP API to further advance capabilities of VoIP and voice chat apps

  • MDM API available, allowing for default phone app configuration

Device and Network Management

  • Updated Bluetooth modification restrictions

  • Captive bypass disable for WiFi

  • Cisco fast lane QoS marking

  • New default VPN authentication method:
    – IKEv2 Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)

  • Timeout for IPSec

User Productivity

  • App notification extensions to present more visual information

  • Universal Clipboard to copy and paste text, photos, and videos across Apple devices

  • Cisco-enabled call redirect from work VoIP to personal iPhone

Provision, manage and protect the latest iOS mobile devices, apps and content

Apple Device Enrollment Program

  • Support devices Over-the-Air:
    – No need for USB connection
    – Push both public and private apps silently to devices
    – Disable AirDrop, iMessage and Activation Lock and enable device Kiosk Mode

  • Enable Mandatory and Lockable MDM:
    – Require MDM enrollment during activation process
    – Configure security, apps, settings and restrictions
    – Block removal of MDM

  • Customize Device Activation Process:
    – Initiate activation with MDM and supervised controls
    – Keep or skip screens

Support for Multiple Versions

  • iOS versions 4.3 and higher

  • iPhone including the iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

  • iPod Touch

  • iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini

Gain Visibility

  • Hardware and network information

  • Security, compliance and location details

  • Apps, versions and size

  • Enable Find My iPhone locking a device to the user's Apple ID

  • Report if there's an iTunes account on a device

  • Time-saving features in native mail and calendar, such as out-of- office support, view free/busy time

Perform Remote Actions

  • Configure Wi-Fi, VPN and email settings and profiles

  • Locate, lock, buzz and reset a device passcode

  • Perform a full wipe of a lost or stolen device

  • Selectively wipe corporate data only

Set and Distribute Security Policies

  • Enforce passcode requirements

  • Configure device restrictions: enforce encrypted backups, restrict camera, allow Touch ID

  • Manage document, application data, device backup, and photo synching with iCloud with restrictions

  • Restrict email movement between accounts

  • Prevent third-party applications from sending emails

  • Control turning on/off shared Photo Stream, recent contact synch, and Passbook while locked

  • Customize message with a phone number on lock screen

  • Turn on/off lock screen control center, notifications and Today view

  • Allow handoff to enable continuity, web results in Spotlight and iCloud sync for managed apps

  • Turn on/off Guided Access, iMessage, iBookstore, Game Center, spell check, auto-correction, definition lookup and predictive keyboard

  • Force all web traffic through a global HTTP proxy server

  • Set device name remotely; erase all content and settings; and prevent users from changing device restrictions

  • Expanded data protection of Apple apps such as Mail, Contacts and Safari

  • Touch ID biometric authentication available for third-party apps and increase security, such as with two-factor authentication

  • Always-on VPN to internal resources and new connection type IKEv2 enabled in supervised mode

  • S/MIME users can choose to sign and encrypt individual messages

  • Set supervised restrictions:
    – Usage of App Store
    – Keyboard shortcuts
    – Apple Watch
    – Passcode modification
    – Device name modification – Wallpaper modification
    – Automatic app downloads

  • Restrict iTunes Radio

  • Specify Safari Password Autofill Domains:
    – Ensure users only save passwords for permissible URLs

  • Turn off trust of enterprise apps on supervised devices, preventing user from installing third-party apps

Manage Mobile Apps

  • Blacklist, whitelist or require apps

  • Distribute private and public apps with custom app catalog

  • Leverage Managed Open In to prevent data leaks

  • Perform automatic silent app installs

  • Encrypt third-party app data automatically

  • Safely connect managed apps corporate networks with Per App VPN

  • Delete an app and its data, on-demand or as part of a selective wipe action

  • Enable enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) into corporate apps just once

  • SSO certificates supported along with Kerberos

  • Integrate with Apple VPP program to retain full control over licenses and link more than one account

  • Enable app developers to extend services to other apps

  • Automatic pruning of provisioning profiles

  • Use managed domains for better data management

  • Control which apps are allowed to run

  • Use device-based app distribution to deploy apps directly to devices using VPP

  • Assign apps directly to a device with the serial number, without requiring an Apple ID:
    – Seamlessly migrate to device-based app assignment from Apple ID-based app assignment
    – Requires VPP licenses (paid or free) and app developers to opt-in to device assignment
    – Silently install apps on supervised devices

  • Push or pull public apps without user having access to App Store

  • Assign apps using VPP to devices and users in countries where the app is available

  • Enforce app managed status by checking and ensuring apps distributed to device are managed:
    – Silently manage apps on supervised devices even after users install them without reinstalling apps or any loss of user data

Share Documents Safely

  • Protect email text and attachments

  • Provide protected access to corporate file shares

  • Protect corporate documents with DLP controls

  • View, create, edit and save content safely

  • View in-depth reporting on documents, users, devices and apps

  • Access corporate documents from apps that can tap content repositories and group containers

  • Upload and manage content to iBooks app and control licensed books, back up to iCloud or locally, synch notes

  • Annotate and mark up image files and PDFs

Trigger device updates to new iOS versions

  • Functionality available for DEP-enrolled devices

  • Initiate both the download and installation of iOS updates separately

  • Devices must be updated to iOS 9 at minimum

Leverage Apple Configurator

  • Pre-deploy apps and stream device enrollment with IBM MaaS360 through DEP

  • Works with device-based app assignment through the VPP

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