Amazon Fire devices are ready for business

Amazon Fire devices are finding their way into the workplace, especially in business that support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Users love their mobile devices and are using them for both work and play. They can stay productive whether in the office or at home with the devices that they choose.

Fire OS, which powers the popular Kindle Fire tablets and the new fire phone, is enterprise-ready. IBM® MaaS360® was the first to manage these devices for corporate use and supports Fire OS for the Amazon Fire Phone, Kindle Fire HD tablet and Kindle Fire HDX tablet. The solution provides tools to gain insight, perform actions, set and distribute policies, manage apps and documents, and much more.

Complete mobility management and security

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IBM MaaS360 Mobile Device Management for Amazon Fire devices powered by Fire OS provides the visibility and control your IT staff needs to support virtually all generations of Amazon devices in the enterprise and in educational institutions.

Inventory and Monitoring

  • Model

  • Operating system and version

  • Apps, versions and size

  • Device restrictions

  • Rooted device detection

  • Security policies

Perform Remote Actions

  • Configure settings and profiles

  • Refresh device details in near real time

  • Locate and lock a device

  • Reset a passcode

  • Send a message to device

  • Perform a full wipe of a lost device

  • Selectively wipe corporate data

Set and Distribute Policies

  • Enforce passcode requirements

  • Enforce device encryption

  • Provision and manage email, Wi-Fi, VPN and proxy settings

  • Deploy certificates credentials

  • Configure device restrictions
    – App blacklisting
    – Data roaming, camera, Bluetooth, tethering
    – Non-market app installation
    – Location detection policies

Application Management

  • Remotely install, enable and disable Android and HTML5 apps

  • Restrict the use of certain apps

  • Distribute private and public apps

  • Publish updates to apps

  • Delete an app and its data, on-demand of as part of a selective wipe action

Secure Document Sharing

  • Safely and securely support BYOD

  • Safeguard email attachments

  • Protect corporate documents with containerization

  • View, create, edit and save content safely

  • View in-depth reporting on documents, users and devices to monitor status and usage

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