Quickly deploy and support a wide range of devices in the enterprise using the features of Active Directory

IBM® MaaS360® Active Directory integration gives you the ability to apply your existing corporate directory information as you manage devices. Administrators can choose to use Active Directory to authenticate enrollment requests and to place users into logical groupings to streamline the application of policies, actions and rules.

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Use your Corporate Directory when managing mobile devices

IBM MaaS360 Active Directory integration capability is an optional component that can be configured to meet your requirements. In addition, the IBM MaaS360 Cloud Extender for Active Directory integrates with your Active Directory Server to provide the necessary interaction.

Optional Component

  • Authentication of device enrollment requests

  • Collection of organizationally relevant information about users whose devices are being managed

  • Management of information collected, such as a user's group membership, to create logical user groupings and establish a user context for IBM MaaS360 policy and management workflows

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