Provision, manage and protect macOS laptops

Macs are gaining more traction in the enterprise as users choose the devices they want for work. The movement started with smartphones and tablets, but has extended to laptops and desktops. Whether employees have asked for corporate-issued Macs or brought in their own, IT leaders need to be able to manage and secure all of the devices and data that impact their organizations.

Complete mobility management and security

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Simple, over-the-air (OTA) enrollment — just like with mobile device management — and a unified, consistent workflow independent of device form factor provide an easy-to-use console for IBM® MaaS360® administrators.

Built on a security-enhanced architecture, IBM MaaS360 enables instant mobility management in just minutes with effortless scalability, whether you have 10 or 100,000 users, and simply integrates with existing enterprise systems.

Supporting macOS versions 10.5 through 10.12 Sierra

Gain Insight

  • Model name, Apple serial number, memory, and processor information

  • Anti-virus, encryption, personal firewall, passcode and missing OS patches status details

  • Operating system information and a list of installed software

  • Network MAC address, Gateway and DNS servers details

  • Last-known location and location history

  • BYOD privacy settings that restrict location and installed software information

Set and Distribute Policies

  • Device restrictions including user and group management; disable changing preferences for mail, sharing, Bluetooth settings; restrict internal and external media usage; and enforce authentication for external media

  • Enforce device passcodes, manage login window, help ensure encrypted backups, enforce Gatekeeper for apps and certificate credentials for adding certificates

  • Configure email accounts remotely (IMAP, POP), configure Exchange ActiveSync settings, and restrict users from moving emails between accounts, reducing the risk of corporate data leakage

  • Extensive connectivity options including push Wi-Fi profiles OTA, manage and push proxy settings and SSID auto-join and push VPN settings OTA for L2TP, PPTP, Cisco (IPSec, AnyConnect), Juniper, F5

  • Software update, server configuration, Energy Saver settings, and printer configuration

Perform Remote Actions

  • Lock devices at a BIOS level that can only be unlocked using a one-time passcode

  • Remote wipe of all data on device OTA

  • Change device policies remotely

  • Remove macOS control to stop managing retired devices or those used by employees leaving your organization

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