IBM CCA and IBM 476x crypto course

IBM 476x Cryptographic Coprocessor Implementation Course.
This course is a standard course that is held regularly and upon request. The purpose of the course is to get a good understanding of the IBM CCA cryptographic architecture with its comprehensive set of functions and services. It is a 5-day course taught in English and typically takes place in an IBM location in Denmark or Germany, but can also be onsite at a client. The course is intended for an international audience including system designers, architects, programmers and other persons who deal with IBM's cryptographic solutions. It is a real must for anyone involved with IBM's cryptographic products.
The IBM 476x Cryptographic Coprocessor Implementation Course will familiarize you with the latest IBM 476x crypto hardware the IBM Common Cryptographic Architecture (CCA). The course offers hands-on experience with the IBM 476x crypto hardware. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to install, program, test, and operate IBM cryptographic coprocessors in CCA mode. In addition, you will be able to design solutions that use IBM's CCA products.
Andries Mulder is the instructor for this course. After working many years for IBM in cryptography, he has since acquired years of teaching experience in the area of IBM cryptography.
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Custom programming toolkits education

Education on the custom programming toolkits is provided under a services contract in conjunction with support and copies of the toolkits. For further information, please contact the IBM Crypto team at

Other related IBM education

Education courses are available on a variety of Coprocessor and CCA related subjects. These education offerings can be tailored to your specific needs. Courses can be conducted worldwide, either at an IBM facility or a facility of your choosing.
To arrange a course, or request additional information, contact:
Mulder Training & Consultancy
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-544-374037, or

IBM CCA class

The IBM CCA class is covering the IBM Common Cryptographic Architecture with its design and how to use it from a system and application programmers perspective. The class is a designed with theory and practical exercises done with the IBM 4765 cryptographic adapter. The IBM system z (mainframe) related components can be covered as an add-on to the standard class. The class can be held onsite a the client side or at premises arranged by IBM. A normal class is a full week.

IBM EKMF class

The IBM EKMF class is covering the IBM Enterprise Key Management system Architecture with its major components being the central EKMF client application with the graphical user interface, business application interface modules (like EMV Issuer and Acquirer business modules) and modules supporting workflow and auditing. The class can be customized to the actual needs but it will normally be a "basic key management" class for new comers and one or more "advanced key management" classes. All classes are with hands-on experience as a central part. The "basic" class is 4 days and the "advanced" classes 2-4 days. The classes can be held onsite a the client side or at premises arranged by IBM.

IBM Crypto Workshop

The IBM crypto workshop is a training course in applied cryptography with focus on the use of the various IBM products in order to set up a secure environment for the operation of secure business.

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