Detect, disrupt and defeat advanced physical and cyber threats faster

Security and intelligence analysts are often at a loss to uncover hidden connections in disparate data from multiple sources and gain actionable intelligence quickly.

IBM i2® arms analysts with the advanced analytics and threat intelligence analysis capabilities they need to detect, disrupt and defeat physical and cyber threats coming at them with increasing speed and sophistication.

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National security and defense

Gain actionable intelligence and transform data-to-decision at mission-critical speed.

Law enforcement

Uncover hidden connections and gain actionable intelligence to thwart crime.

Fraud and financial crime

Tackle complex investigations to detect fraud and financial crime across the enterprise.

Cyber threat hunting

Find threats faster, reduce dwell time and reduce the cost and impacts of cyberattacks.

IBM i2 empowers you



Ingest structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources including OSINT and dark web data to provide an expansive data pool to query.



Fuse advanced analytics  with sophisticated geospatial, visual, temporal and social analysis capabilities to provide analysts with greater situational awareness.



Turn overwhelming and disparate data into actionable intelligence in near-real time to make confident decisions and take confident action.

IBM i2 products

IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

Turn disparate data into comprehensive and actionable intelligence to support timely decision making.

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook

Arm analysts with multidimensional visual analysis capabilities so they can quickly uncover hidden connections and patterns in data.

IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Premium

Combines data storage, analysis tools, visualization and dissemination capabilities in a visual analysis environment.

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