Prove HIPAA and HITECH compliance, identify threats quickly, and securely transform your business

If you’re a healthcare provider, insurance, pharmaceutical or technology company, IBM Security can help you establish a security immune system to safeguard your business. We can help you avoid costly fines for compliance violations and loss of patient confidence after a breach. And securely move you to the cloud with tools to encrypt and protect your sensitive images and electronic medical records (EMRs).

With ever-increasing databases of incident logs and events, using IBM Watson™ for Cybersecurity can help you prepare for the worst and reduce risk with automated response tools. IBM Security can help protect patient data on mobile devices, identify and monitor endpoints and connected devices in your facility, and mitigate ransomware and phishing impacts as they happen.

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Navigate the dynamic security landscape with solutions that help you to prove compliance, stop threats and grow your business.

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Aligning with HIPAA mandates in healthcare

Learn how IBM Security solutions can help you develop a successful plan for meeting HIPAA security and privacy requirements.

Security trends in healthcare

Learn why attackers are continuing to target the healthcare industry in this annual review of security trends.

Healthcare data breaches are the most costly

As captured in the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach report, healthcare organizations had the highest costs associated with a data breach for the ninth year in a row.

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Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance Services

Better manage your risk and compliance by teaming with our experts.

X-Force Red Services

Uncover vulnerabilities and remediate them with the help of our team of ethical hackers.

Data Security Services

Protect sensitive data and enforce corporate security policies.

Success stories

Medical Confidence Inc.

To securely connect patients with the right care at the right time, IBM MaaS360® with Watson helped Medical Confidence ensure it had the proper security on user laptops and devices.

Independent Health

Independent Health selected IBM MaaS360 with Watson unified endpoint management to separate work and personal data, customize security policies across individual roles and groups, and enforce roaming restrictions across in-transit devices.